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27 Times Mindy Kaling Was Just Too Relatable On Twitter

"Ugh I have so much work. I should just Gone Girl myself."

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1. When she was literally all of us at the gym.

Universal Television / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

2. When work drove her to drastic measures.

Ugh I have so much work, I should just gone girl myself

3. When she tried desperately with her friends.

I was so jealous how quickly Poe gave Finn a nickname. No one has ever given me a nickname and I have BEGGED

4. When she overreacted to a meme in the most perfect way.

Universal Television / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

5. When she accurately described the terror of a text.

Nothing scarier than a friend texting you he wants to "talk about stuff"

6. When she had a sports bra train wreck.

When I wear those trendy sports bras with a million straps I get stuck in them like a seagull in a six pack ring

7. When she shamelessly said what we're all too afraid to admit.

Universal Television / Via

8. When she absolutely nailed adulthood.

The problem w being an adult is you meet all these cool new people & you're like "why can't we go back in time and go to college together?!"

9. And again when she described the hardships of adult interactions.

The central unresolved question of my adult life is: how on earth does everyone become friends with everyone else so quickly?

10. When she was all of us watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

Walt Disney Studios / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

11. And all of us watching any Avengers movie.

tony stark or nothing at all. thanks

12. When she pretended she doesn't live for drama.

@bjnovak the truth is I'm just this low key girl who hates drama. The problem is drama chases ME

13. When she perfectly described what its like to have an illogical crush.

Universal Television / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

14. And when she tweeted how long that crush will actually last.

I have a crush for exactly one month and then IT'S GONE

15. When she had the perfect comeback for misogynists.

People ask where Mindy's baby is when I'm on a dating story. He's off playing w/the children on male-driven comedies no one ever asks about.

16. When she was as passionate about TV as all of us.

17. When she proved that she is not to be challenged.

If ur with me and u take ur phone out to text, I'm like u sure u wanna go at me with that? I can be on my phone FOR A BILLION CENTURIES, PAL

18. And when she tweeted these profound words of wisdom.

Rather be none of his girls than one of his girls

19. When she made all of us emotional at the concept of new Michael Scott ideas.

20. When she self reflected on hotel room art.

The art in my hotel room is very sexual and it's putting a lot of pressure on me

21. When she made you contemplate the truly important questions.

Is it worse if his ex is a psychopath or a saint?

22. And when she was all of us after eating too much food.

Universal Television / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

23. When she tweeted this sage piece of advice we secretly want to tell our friends with terrible boyfriends.

100% of the times a woman suspects another woman wants her man, it just means her man wants another woman. (Should I write R&B songs?)

24. When she reminded us that celebs are just as boring as us sometimes.

If you drive by someone's house is that too boring to text them about

25. When she was as overdramatic as all of us.

Universal Television / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

26. When she had her priorities straight.

27. And every time she's summed up exactly how we feel in social situations.

my inability to type quickly on my iPhone combined with no time has made my communication so curt and direct, it seems like I hate everyone