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    11 Pokémon Rice Balls That Are Too Cute To Actually Eat

    Love from across the ocean!

    A Pikachu rice ball eating a rice ball! Too cute!

    Peaceloving Pax(@Peaceloving_Pax), a food artist from Thailand, posts images of "character lunches" on Facebook and Instagram.

    Their adorable creations include Pokémon like Pikachu and Psyduck, and other Japanese characters form Studio Ghibli and Sanrio.

    It's not just Pokémon either! Here's a little Totoro rice ball from Studio Ghibli dressed up as a Pokémon trainer:

    And a favorite from Sanrio... MY MELODY!

    Peaceloving Pax is creating food art filled with love. BuzzFeed Japan got in touch with them:

    "When asked about my favorite Japanese things, I immediately think sushi or sashimi, but I also like Japanese characters just as much. In particular, I like Totoro, and movies like Spirited Away."

    "I focus on making my food art as cute as possible. While looking at the images of characters, I add my personal touches to make them plump and innocent."

    "My favorite Pokemon is...well, they are all cute, but it has to be Pikachu! ♡"


    In a previous version of this post, the character My Melody was mislabelled as Hello Kitty.