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    15 Things People With Brittle Hair Absolutely Swear By

    Bye, damage!!

    1. A restorative hair mask packed with babaso oil to hydrate your hair and glycerin to lock-in moisture and make your hair super soft! Just looking at this before and after gif gives me hope for all hair.

    2. A cruelty-free sea mist spray that'll refresh oily hair so you can skip a wash, and give you that "just went for a dip in the ocean" hair texture from home! I started using this spray instead of dry shampoo to keep my hair soft and healthy while waiting for my bleached ends to grow out, and I swear by it.

    3. A coconut-oil based deep conditioner that's safe for color-treated hair, so you can turn your damaged locks into the silky smooth hair you deserve!

    4. Biotin hair growth shampoo ideal for anyone who has been experiencing hair loss (genetic or from damage), because sometimes the best hair treatment is all about new growth.

    5. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner that just may have you saying "Brittle hair? Never heard of it in my life" in no time. It gently strengthens your strands, prevents color loss, and you can apply it to damp hair!

    6. A shampoo brush to stimulate your scalp to encourage new growth, help with dandruff, and smooth out your locks! Not to mention it'll give you a relaxing scalp massage 😊.

    7. A John Frieda hot air brush perfect for adding volume to your hair, cutting down on frizz, and styling without over-drying.

    8. A bottle of Bumble and bumble's protective primer oil packed with nourishing oils to hydrate your locks and protect them from heat damage. You can even use it after a shower on damp hair — the dream.

    9. A styling cream reviewer's swear by for diminishing frizz and protecting strands from the sun, humidity, and chlorine.

    10. Amika dry shampoo is lightweight enough to use on thin hair. It has the super fruit sea buckthorn berry in it so it's packed with nutrients like vitamin A, C, E, and omega-7. Basically you're getting a multi-vitamin for your hair and dry shampoo all in one!

    11. An Argan oil hair mask that just may save heat-damaged hair and give you miraculous results. It's made with organic jojoba oil, aloe vera, and keratin; and it's safe for color-treated hair!

    12. Olaplex's repairing hair treatment to relink the broken bonds in every type of hair, so you can get to the ~root~ of the problem and get the structural repair you need after just one treatment!

    13. A henna dye powder ready to add natural color, shine, volume, and strength to brittle locks.

    14. Coco & Eve's coconut and fig hair mask – an investment-worthy hair treatment designed to condition, hydrate, improve hair texture, treat spilt ends, and tame frizz in just 10 minutes — so you can get gorgeous, fast results.

    15. And a set of four hair coils good for anyone who wants to prevent more damage and hair getting pulled out from other, too-tight hair ties.

    You and your nourished AF locks:

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