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    20 Subscription Boxes That People Actually Swear By

    "I received a full-size item that was over three times what I’ve paid for the box." 👀

    1. Vegancuts Beauty Box gives you all the clean, luxury beauty products you could want — and everything is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and free of harmful chemicals!

    2. Succulents Monthly is a succulent subscription that's ready to fill your life with a bunch of precious plant babes (and super easy-to-follow care instructions).

    3. Escape The Crate offers a monthly "escape the room" game that'll keep you and your family entertained as can be. Goodbye boredom!

    4. Hygge Box will give you warm cozy feelings all year long with their seasonal soothing items. If you've been in need of some decompression time, this may be the perfect box for you!

    5. Bath Blessing Box sends tons of high-end bath and spa products so you can treat yourself to the pampering you deserve.

    6. My First Reading Club is here to give you loads of fun books and everything else you'll need to get your little one(s) stoked about reading! Any subscription that helps get kids reading is a win in ~my book~.

    7. Wodbom offers an ideal subscription for anyone in need of support for their workouts. From gear to snacks, you'll be *pumped* to open your box and start your workout routine!

    8. Bold Blossoms delivers fresh-cut, professionally curated bouquets right to your doorstep once a month to brighten your home and help you feel special.

    9. Find Your Wings is a monthly subscription for pre-teens packed with nail art, face masks, sparkly toys, and all sorts of goodies they'll adore and look forward to all month long.

    10. Shaker and Spoon will deliver an exciting, delicious new cocktail right to your door so you can stay in and become a coctail mixing pro in no time.

    11. Sweet Escape sends you a box packed with relaxtion and aromatherapy items so you can turn off the rest of the world and unwind!

    12. Trendy Butler is a clothing subscription that'll send you expertly curated looks so that you don't have to go find clothes out in the world.

    13. My Box of Magic is a sequential subscription that'll take any budding (or practiced) magician's tricks to the next next level!

    14. Paleo By Maileo will keep your pantry stocked with plenty of scurmptious, 100% gluten- and dairy-free snacks all month long, so you can enjoy the snacks you crave even if your local store doesn't carry them!

    15. The Hikewize Subscription Box arrives quarterly and is packed with quality outdoor gear to get you outside and on the trail more often. If you know an avid hiker (me), this would make a supreme gift!

    16. Smartass and Sass is an affordable subscription for anyone with a dark/sassy sense of humor who isn't afraid to show it.

    17. And The Burlap Bag delivers home good products with a witty twist you'll get quite a kick out of.

    18. The Blend Box is a woman-owned subscription service ideal for anyone loves trying out new subscriptions, or has a hard time picking *just one* to order. The theme for this box changes every month, and you get to pick all your themes ahead of time!

    19. Box of Shadows makes a Wicca-inspired subscription box to help you deepen your practice, or get you started with altar items, rituals, and more — there is a box for every level of practice.

    20. And last but not least, Unicorn Dream Box is hands down the best box out there for unicorn-lovers of all ages! I feel more sparkly just looking at it.

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