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    Updated on Sep 28, 2020. Posted on Sep 24, 2020

    23 Of The Wildest Teen Drama Plot Twists That Have Stuck With People To This Day

    Raise your hand if you're still shocked by J.T.'s death.

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most shocking teen drama plot twists. Here are some of the best!


    WARNING: Some submissions contain mentions of violence and sexual assault.

    1. On The Fosters, when Stef found Jack's body:


    "I was watching the episode, loving how a teen drama finally got a musical episode right, then suddenly it cut to Stef at a crime scene finding a dead body. She stepped on a pair of glasses and you realized it was Jack. I lost it and started sobbing. Other deaths in various shows you sort of see coming, but that seriously shocked and devastated me."


    2. On The Society, when Cassandra was shot and killed:


    "I seriously was not expecting that. I bet she was being bossy, but she was just trying to keep everyone safe. She did not deserve to die, and I will take that to the grave."


    3. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, when Liberty got pregnant:

    Liberty comes out of the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test, and JT says "It's positive?"
    Teen Nick

    "She was the last person I would have thought would get pregnant!"


    4. On Riverdale, when Betty discovered that the Farm was harvesting the organs of its members:

    Betty sees boxes of organs hidden away in a closet
    The CW

    "Even for Riverdale, this was wild. Although I guess we should've known. The FARM = ORGAN FARM."


    5. On The Vampire Diaries, when Bonnie realized that she was dead:

    Bonnie sees her body on the ground and realizes she's dead
    The CW

    "Bonnie had brought Jeremy back before, so I was so shocked when doing it again cost her her own life. ESPECIALLY when she decided not to tell anyone about it for MONTHS, pretending that she was out of town instead of a ghost that only Jeremy could see. She died multiple times, but this was the most shocking to me."

    Hannah Marder

    6. On One Tree Hill, when Dan shot Keith during the school shooting:

    The WB

    "Jimmy dying in front of Keith appeared to be the end/climax of the episode, but then Dan Scott walked in and shot his brother. He took Lucas's real dad and Karen's well-deserved happy ending like the coward he was."


    7. On On My Block, when Olivia and Ruby were shot during Olivia's quinceañera:


    "It was such a horrible thing to happen in a happy moment. It was even more shocking and heartbreaking when we learned that Olivia had died from her wounds, despite Ruby's attempt to protect her and her being much more responsive than Ruby."


    8. On The Secret Life of the American Teenager, when it was revealed that Grace's dad had an affair during his mission trips that resulted in a child:

    Grace's mom telling Grace her dad didn't just help people on the mission trips — then the dad's son comes to visit

    "This was super shocking because Grace had always looked up to her dad as this really moral person. He seemed so wise and principled — finding out he'd had an affair was shocking enough, made even more so by the existence of a child from his affair, whom he'd never told his wife or Grace about."


    9. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when it seemed as if Angel had lost his soul again, but then it was revealed to be a ruse to trick Faith:

    Faith says she's the world's best actor, and Angel corrects her by saying she's second best. Buffy pulls her hands free from the cuffs and says "Psych"
    The WB

    "Everyone seemed to buy the fact that Angel was evil again, so it was so shocking when it turned out that Buffy had actually planned it all along. Faith's reaction was priceless, and Buffy saying, 'Can I say something? PSYCH!' was amazing."


    10. On The Society, when Allie's mom was shown reading to the children of West Ham in front of a memorial for all the main characters:

    A memorial saying "We remember them" with a list of the names of the kids in the show

    "This was so shocking and opened up so many mysteries. Do their parents think they're dead or just missing?? Are the main characters in a different universe, as Gordie and Bean suggested?? The show was canceled, so we'll never know!"


    11. On Roswell, when Alex was killed suddenly:

    the main characters see Alex's body being put in a coroner's van
    The WB

    "It was so out of the blue! I cried and cried during the funeral scene."


    "Yes! Especially with Maria singing 'Amazing Grace'...I cry every time."


    12. On Riverdale, when it was revealed that Clifford Blossom killed Jason:

    Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin watching the footage of Clifford killing Jason
    The CW

    "That was actually wild and made me want to continue watching the show."


    13. On The Vampire Diaries, when Stefan killed Enzo, and Bonnie stabbed Stefan with the cure for vampirism:

    Bonnie injects Stefan with the syringe that has the cure in it, then she screams over Enzo's body
    The CW

    "Having Enzo die in one of the last few episodes of the show was super shocking, and I did not see it coming. It was especially heartbreaking because Bonnie had FINALLY found happiness, and it seemed like there was much more story to tell with Bonnie and Enzo. Bonnie then stabbing Stefan with the cure topped off the wild final minutes of the episode. This episode was honestly more shocking than some of the show's season finales."

    Hannah Marder

    14. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, when J.T. was stabbed and died:


    "I cried on my mom's bedroom floor for HOURS."


    15. On Pretty Little Liars, when Toby was revealed to be on the A Team:

    Toby in the black A hoodie

    "My jaw literally dropped."


    16. On One Tree Hill, when Sam ran away and her friend's brother picked her up, and you realized it was the same man who had assaulted Brooke and killed Quentin:

    in a flashback, Xavier says "Have a nice night" to Quentin as he turns around afraid, and then asks Sam if she's having a bad night
    The CW

    "I almost threw my phone at the TV, I was that shocked!"


    17. On Teenage Bounty Hunters, when Dana revealed that she was actually Sterling's mother:

    Dana tells Sterling she's her daughter

    "We found out that Dana was the one who had burned down the abortion clinic, and then discovered that Sterling and Blair weren’t even twins, they were cousins!"


    18. On Shadowhunters, when Clary gave up her memories of Jace and the Shadow World in order to kill Jonathan:

    Jace reads a letter from Clary that says "By the time you read this letter, my memories of you and the shadow world will be gone." Clary leaves, crying as she forgets him

    "Personally, I did not expect this at all. And then she spent an entire year not knowing who she was and making Jace suffer so much! They never got their happy ending after all the heartbreak and sorrow."


    19. On Get Even, when it was revealed that Logan was the one who'd killed Ronny:

    Margot revealing to Logan she knows he killed Ronny

    "I probably missed a lot of clues, but that wasn't expected AT ALL. I'm just glad that Margot wasn't murdered too!"


    20. On Locke & Key, when it was revealed that Gabe, Lucas, and Dodge were all the same person:

    Gabe turns the key in his neck and becomes Dodge

    "I was not expecting that, and I was so mad because Gabe was one of my favorite characters!"


    21. On Veronica Mars, when it was revealed that Cassidy was the bus bomber AND he was the one who raped Veronica:

    Beaver says calling him a killer is a serious accusation. Veronica accuses him of also raping her
    The WB

    "We all thought the sexual assault plot had been resolved in Season 1, but there was a last twist to it, and it blew my mind (in a horrifying way). Plus, he had purposely made Veronica investigate his stepmother's affairs so that she'd stumble on something to make his father's financial empire topple. He was an evil genius the whole time, and so many little pieces fell together in that moment."


    22. On Teen Wolf, when Lydia was revealed to be a banshee:

    Jennifer Blake tells Lydia she's a banshee

    "Holland Roden was excellent at screaming and acting scared, so when her screaming actually became a part of her character’s abilities, it was pretty cool! Definitely a clever move by the writers."


    23. And finally, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Dawn was introduced as Buffy's previously unheard-of sister:

    Dawn in Buffy's old room
    The WB

    "It was a super-casual scene, and then the episode just ends and you’re like, WHAT?"


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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