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What Pixar Moment Is Way Too Dark For A Kids Movie?

The Incredibles is not meant for kids, IMO.

So, I've been rewatching a lot of Pixar films in quarantine, and something I've noticed is that they're a LOT darker than I remembered.

Mr Incredible watches as someone jumps off the roof of a skyscraper in The Incredibles

Finding Nemo starts with Marlin losing not only his wife, but also HUNDREDS of his children.

I remember watching Toy Story 3 with my younger cousins and thinking, "Man, this is way too dark for a kids movie" during the incinerator scene.

Even the shorts are pretty dark — yeah, Lava has a happy ending, but does anyone else find it super bleak when the volcano slowly sinks under the ocean and thinks his dream has died?!?

The volcano sinks underwater as the song says, "With no lava, his song was all gone. He filled the sea with his tears and watched his dream disappear"

And who can forget when Mr. Incredible thought his whole family had died in The Incredibles?

Mrs. Incredible says over the radio that there are children aboard, and Mr. Incredible shouts "no!" Mirage says the target was destroyed

What Pixar moment do YOU think is super dark and bleak, especially for a kids movie or short? Let us know what the moment is and why it's so dark (or when you first realized it was really dark) in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community article!