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    Twitter Is Usually A Dumpster Fire, But Every Once In A While It's The Best — Here Are 21 Ingenious Ideas To Prove It

    I just think the world would be a better place if we got free bread everywhere.

    Twitter is like the soundboard of the internet. You can just shout thoughts and ideas and someone, somewhere will listen.


    Many of the ideas are nothing new, but some are quite ingenious. Here are some of the best ideas I saw come out of Twitter recently:

    1. Creating a sperm donor agency with this incredible name:

    Gonna start a sperm donor agency called “get a load of this guy”

    Twitter: @alexfromoakland

    2. An app to help you pick a movie for date night:

    Ok I’m stoned but this seems like a good idea: what if there was an app that both you and your partner have where you both swipe right or left on movies that are on your streaming services and when you find a match it lets you know

    Twitter: @hello__caitlin

    3. And a mood ring that tells you where to eat:

    someone should invent a mood ring that tells you where to eat

    Twitter: @bvorwerk

    4. Changing the name of "emotional baggage" to "griefcase":

    who tf decided to call it “emotional baggage“ and not “griefcase” ???

    Twitter: @Will_daReal

    5. Slushying anti-maskers:

    we should start slushing non-maskers like in GLEE

    Twitter: @juvanhck

    6. Changing et al. to "& besties":

    academia should consider changing "et al." to "& besties"

    Twitter: @Dongoevsky

    7. Renaming giving birth "going number 3":

    Please sign my petition to rename giving birth “going number 3”

    Twitter: @birdbutterer

    8. And renaming Black Friday "Panic! at the Discount":

    petition to replace "black friday sales" with "panic! at the discount"

    Twitter: @natweewriter

    9. A highlighter that fades after time:

    Someone should invent a highlighter that fades away in six months, so college students can actually sell back their textbooks.

    Twitter: @TheWeirdWorld

    10. And an e-book/audiobook combo app:

    I need someone to invent an app that’s an e-book/audiobook combo. So when my eyes are tired I can switch to audio, but my default is reading. Does this exist? It should.

    Twitter: @emilyfavreau

    11. Replacing every confederate statue with a tribute to Dolly Parton:

    Petition to replace every confederate monument with A Dolly Parton statue.

    Twitter: @ATCLMusic

    12. Every establishment serving free bread:

    they should give you bread before stuff everywhere, not just at restaurants

    Twitter: @amore_orless

    13. Replacing April Fools with "second Halloween":

    petition to replace april fools (unnecessary, often mean-spirited, causes a lot of needless stress and suffering) with april ghouls (second halloween; halloween, but in april)

    Twitter: @dylan_thyme

    14. Making fitted sheets that don't get all the other laundry stuck in them:

    Someone should make fitted sheets where you can undo the corners (snaps? zipper?) so when you wash them, other laundry doesn't get caught in the-- A NOBEL PRIZE JUST POPPED OUT OF MY COMPUTER?!!

    Twitter: @travismcelroy

    15. Literally just a Twilight remake with Danny DeVito:

    Petition to shoot Twilight again. Nothing changes except Edward is played by Danny Devito

    Twitter: @localdadhere

    16. And a Marvel movie with Jennifer Coolidge:

    Twitter: @thereidfeed

    17. Or with Jennifer as James Bond:

    jennifer coolidge as the next james bond

    Twitter: @eggshellfriend

    Let her play all the characters.

    18. A comedy about people in green screen suits on action movie sets:

    Someone should make a comedy about the dudes who have to wear green bodysuits on the sets of superhero movies.

    Twitter: @NickdeSemlyen

    19. A miniature Target inside every Starbucks:

    Twitter: @nathanharenice

    20. Calling the 2020s the "rawring" 20s:

    Petition to bring back 2005 emo culture in the 2020's so we can call that decade the rawring 20s

    Twitter: @YourLocalEmoDad

    21. And finally, creating a cooking show about broke college students:

    Someone should make a cooking show and the chefs are college students who are down to their very last grocery items. If u wanna see creativity that’s where it’s at

    Twitter: @ColIegeStudent

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