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23 TV Moments That "Jumped The Shark" So Badly, People Had To Stop Watching

Kidnappings and ghost sex and evil sisters, oh my!

Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community what TV moment was so ridiculous that it completely ruined the show. Here are some of the best submissions!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

1. When Grey's Anatomy had a musical episode:

Callie singing "I climbed across the mountaintops..."

"I never watched Grey's Anatomy again. I know it’s still on because it will GO ON FOREVER, but I remember thinking while Callie was belting at the top of her lungs that it was way too much."


2. In Dexter, when Deb found out her brother Dexter was a killer and then developed feelings for him:


"That was the end. That doesn’t even take into account the final episodes and that joke of a series finale."


3. In Once Upon a Time, when Emma Swan became The Dark One:


"It also coincided with the constant back and forth, toxic relationship between Belle and Rumple."


4. In The Flash and Arrow, when Barry erased John's daughter from existence:

The CW

"It was brushed off so casually, but it actually kind of devastated me."


5. In Grey's Anatomy, when Izzie had sex with Denny's ghost:

Scott Garfield / Getty Images

"They had some wild storylines on that show, but I drew the line at ghost sex."


6. In Revenge, when Emily's dad ended up being alive:


"His death was literally the entire point of the show so to me that felt super forced and I had no motivation to continue watching it."


7. In Once Upon a Time, when Elsa and Anna joined:


"It never recovered. From then on, it was a Disney promotional vehicle and not the fresh twist on classic fairytales it used to be."


8. In Jane the Virgin, when Michael died then came back to life:

The CW

"After Jane and Michael went away to a ranch together and had amazing chemistry, only for Jane to reject him, I realized how pointless bringing him back was. He was just a tool to stir unnecessary drama between Jane and Rafael."


"They absolutely ruined his character arc and relationship with Jane and just used it to justify Jane and Rafael being endgame and I absolutely hated it."


9. When True Blood revealed Sookie was a fairy:


"It was too much and I couldn’t watch it after that."


10. When Orange Is the New Black featured a prison riot:


"I couldn't finish the series because the riot got too unrealistic. Making the guards perform talent shows was it for me."


11. In Scandal, when Olivia Pope was kidnapped:


"It was totally unnecessary and completely changed the entire trajectory of the show. It made me stop watching it without looking back. Scandal deserved better and so did we."


"I was watching this once great show thinking, where's the catch? Fitz is really going to let thousands of people die for one woman? It was just so ridiculous I had to give up after that."


12. In Sherlock, when he had an evil sister:


"It was the very last episode, so it didn’t make me stop watching the show, but the whole thing was so ridiculous and over the top. It was such a great show but that ending was awful. I skip it whenever I rewatch."


13. In Game of Thrones, when Daenerys turned evil:


"Well, since no one else is going to say it...when the sweet Daenerys Targaryen turned into the mad queen. I still enjoyed Season 8 (unpopular opinion) but Dany’s decline in behavior is what caused a lot of people's change in opinion on the show."


14. When Supernatural gave God a sister:

The CW

"Up until Season 11, the show’s plots were actually pretty solid and creative. But giving God a sister was just a bit too much for me, especially when you have her practically trying to seduce Dean the entire season. For me, it was this season that started the show’s decline."


15. In Grey's Anatomy, when most of the characters got into a plane crash:


"Like seriously...what are the odds?? It was really getting ridiculous."


16. In Ugly Betty, when Daniel Meade joined a death cult to get over his wife's death:


"It was pretty out-of-character for someone who'd spent three seasons growing more aware of himself. It was a terrible subplot and didn't even amount to anything. It was just for drama as the show wound down."


17. In Nip/Tuck, when Colleen killed a man with Build-A-Bear equipment:

Colleen sitting with a Build-A-Bear that says "Dr. Sean"

"I was done."


18. In Castle, when he deactivated a nuclear bomb:


19. In Weeds, when Shane murdered someone with a croquet mallet:


20. When True Blood added "werepanthers":


"Everything after that was too over the top!"


21. In Bones, when Brennan was taught the meaning of Christmas when she had to give birth in a stable:


"Really, that whole season lost it for me because they were super heavy-handed with the moral lessons."


22. In ER, when a helicopter cut off Dr. Romano’s arm and then a year later he was crushed by a helicopter:



23. And finally in Grey's Anatomy, when Cristina was impaled by an icicle while she was walking out of the hospital:


"That was just too over the top for an already ridiculously over the top show. I applaud anyone who still watches it."


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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