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Tell Us About A TV Moment So Ridiculous You Stopped Watching The Show

What storyline was too far?

All TV shows have a shelf life — nothing good can go on forever!

Usually, this decrease in quality is slow. But sometimes, something happens that is so ridiculous or badly done that it pushes a show past the point of no return. This is called "jumping the shark."

Like on Pretty Little Liars, when the girls were arrested for Mona's murder, kidnapped and put in an underground dollhouse, then discovered Mona was actually alive.

I know some people thought bringing Michael back from the dead was too much even for a telenovela like Jane the Virgin.

...Or that having Felicity redirect a nuclear weapon to kill tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands (and then it sort of being brushed off) was way too far on Arrow.

Maybe the levitating babies in the Season 3 premiere of Riverdale were so ridiculous, they caused you to never watch the show again.

Now it's your turn! What moment on a TV show was so utterly ridiculous and unrealistic that it made you decide, "Yep, this show is bad now"? Let us know what the ridiculous moment was and why in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!