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Tell Us About A Scene In A Normally Dramatic Show That Made You Laugh So Hard You Cried

Dramas aren't all drama, after all.

Recently, we rounded up sad moments in sitcoms and comedies — and now we're looking for the opposite! What's a super funny scene from a show that's usually dramatic?


One personal favorite of mine is when Skylar calls Jesse's phone and gets his voicemail in Breaking Bad.


Her face is everything.

I also think it's super funny whenever the clones have to impersonate each other on Orphan Black, like when Cosima had to give an election speech for Alison.

BBC America

Sometimes the funny moments even happen in scenes that should be serious — like when Robin and Steve are interrogated by Russians in Stranger Things, but the interrogation drugs are making them giddy.

Russian man asks "who do you work for?" and Steve says "scoops, scoops ahoy"

Sometimes the funny moment is just a single line, like when Renata kicks Gordon out of her car on Big Little Lies and screams this as she drives away.


And sometimes it's a whole episode, like when a spell gone wrong caused everyone to revert to their teenage selves on Angel.

The WB

Now it's your turn! Let us know YOUR favorite comedic scene in a drama in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community article.