23 Teen Drama Storylines I Saw No Problem With When I Was 15, But Now I Find Super Irresponsible

    These make rewatching a lil' hard, TBH.

    Hi, y'all! I'm Hannah, and I grew up obsessed with teen dramas!

    me dressed as Blair Waldorf at age 15

    It's still fun to go back and rewatch my faves — but there are a lot of things that really don't sit well with me now that I'm an adult.

    Here are 23 things from teen dramas that now seem really messed up to me:

    1. Verbally and physically abusive boyfriends and toxic relationships being portrayed as romantic:

    2. And stalking and obsession being portrayed the same way:

    3. Attempted assault scenes being portrayed as a turning point that spurs growth:

    Spike after attempting to assault Buffy

    4. Or literally just not a big deal:

    Vicky telling Tyler she said no and that he's hurting her on The Vampire Diaries

    5. A lot of times, teen dramas also imply that there wasn't consent and it's played for humor or stated casually:

    Quinn tells Puck "I had sex with you because you got me drunk on wine coolers and I felt fat that day"

    6. Or they'll have a full-on relationship where one party is too young to give consent:

    7. Or they'll romanticize situations where there's a serious power imbalance in the relationship:

    8. Moving on...let's talk about queer-baiting:

    Veronica and Betty kissing on Riverdale, Derek pushing Stiles up against a locker on Teen Wolf

    9. And the only actual queer relationships being toxic:

    10. And female characters having a relationship with a girl, then their sexuality never being addressed again:

    Adrianna kissing Gia on 90210 and Marissa kissing Alex on The O.C.

    11. And sexuality overall being presented as super rigid.

    Kurt saying "Bisexual's a term that gay guys in high school use when they want to hold hands with girls and feel like a normal person for a change"

    12. Queer characters dying for absolutely no reason, often just when their relationship with a same-sex character had started (aka #BuryYourGays):

    13. The male protagonist being depicted as morally superior, when they’re really just as bad as everyone else:

    14. Everyone getting into Ivy League schools:

    15. And, actually, going to college at all:

    16. And then having careers RIGHT out of college, or even before it's over:

    17. Characters always ending up with their high school sweetheart:

    18. Mental health facilities being depicted as dangerous, creepy places with evil doctors:

    19. A suicide-related storyline for shock value:

    Nathan about to crash his racecar in One Tree Hill, Chuck about to jump off a building in Gossip Girl, and Cheryl about to drown herself in Riverdale

    20. And along the same lines, unnecessarily graphic sexual assault, self-harm, and suicide attempts:

    Hannah right before Bryce rapes her in the hot tub in 13 Reasons Why, Alex after she slits her wrists in One Tree Hill, and Tyler right before Monty sexually assaults him in 13 Reasons Why

    21. Suicide attempts and self-harm for supernatural reasons rather than mental illness:

    Scott about to blow himself up on Teen Wolf, Elena about to let herself burn in the sun on The Vampire Diaries, and Caroline cutting herself because she's compelled on The Vampire Diaries

    22. And just in general, mental health storylines only lasting briefly or for drama's sake:

    23. And finally, a happy ending meaning kids and marriage:

    Hanna reveals she's pregnant and Aria says her and Ezra are adopting

    Now, this isn't all to say that teen dramas need to always be realistic, or only depict things in healthy ways.

    What teen drama tropes or aspect did you not mind as a kid, but find pretty messed up now? Let us know in the comments!