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    23 TV Moments So Ridiculously Stressful, People Watched Them With Their Fingers Over Their Eyes

    I'm sweating just READING these.

    A while back, we rounded up some of the most stressful TV moments of all time — and now we're back with more great submissions from y'all! Here are 23 more incredibly stressful TV scenes people just can't seem to get through.


    Also, WARNING: Some submissions contain topics of assault and violence.

    1. On ER, when Doug had to rescue a boy from a storm drain as the water rose:

    Doug tells the kid "I'm gonna get you out of here, alright? I promise you that"

    Suggested by: vasato

    2. On 911: Lone Star, when a woman was trapped in a food truck filled with scorpions as lava slowly approached the truck:

    girl in food truck says the lava is getting closer then asks if she's going to die

    Suggested by: wgolden130

    3. On Riverdale, when Betty and Veronica were forced to play a game of Spin the Bottle where one of the cups contained lethal poison:

    Veronica watches as Betty drinks from the chalice
    The CW

    Suggested by: sarahjmaasisthedevil

    4. On Outlander, when Roger was hung and you didn't know whether he survived:

    Roger is hung then on the ground people try to revive him

    "Then we had to wait two weeks to find out if he lived or not!"


    5. On Criminal Minds, when Hotch's wife, Haley, was murdered while he was on the phone with her knowing it was about to happen:

    Haley asks Hotch to promise to tell their son how they met and how he made her laugh so he knows Hotch wasn't always this serious and believes in love, as it's the most important thing

    "I think it’d have to be the entire lead-up to Haley’s death on Criminal Minds. The whole deal with Foyet was absolute torture, and I was in hysterics until they showed that Jack was OK. Would not repeat."


    6. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Spike confronted Buffy and then tried to assault her in the bathroom:

    Spike says "you still feel it," "you love me," and "i know you feel it too" as he tries to pull Buffy in
    The WB

    "You knew that scene was building up to something bad happening. It was really hard to watch, and as much as I loved Spike, I kind of wanted him to die right then."


    7. On Stranger Things, when Eleven pulled a piece of the Mind Flayer from inside her leg:

    Eleven screams as she uses her powers to pull out the piece

    "When they have to extract that evil blob out of Eleven’s leg. Jonathan cuts open her leg and puts his fingers in trying to catch it, all WITHOUT anesthesia. I have never cringed so much in my life."


    8. On The West Wing, when two shooters fired at the crowd in the Season 1 finale, and you didn't know who'd been shot:

    two shooters fire as the secret service pulls the president into a car and someone yells "who's been hit?"

    "You don’t know what’s going to happen to Bartlet and his people, and the after effects."


    9. On Monk, when he and Troy were buried alive:

    trapped underground and surrounded by sand in a car, Monk bangs at the door

    "Monk was buried alive when he figured out who committed a serious crime. Then, when the rest of the cop squad got to the guy who did it, he had a heart attack and died before he could tell them where Monk was. I was NOT fine."


    10. On Eye Candy, when Lindy was drugged and kidnapped then woke up tied up and gagged, and her attacker began heating up an iron to brand her:

    Lindy tied up and gagged

    Suggested by: triplesss

    11. On Chicago Fire, when the building exploded with members of the team inside and the chief kept yelling into the radio for someone to respond, but no one did:

    there's an explosion that knocks the Chief down - he then yells into his radio for the team to report, but no one does

    Suggested by: realneverwaits81

    12. On Law & Order SVU, when Olivia searches for the girl who claims she's being kept in a room by her abuser, but then Olivia discovers she's been buried alive:

    Olivia digs for the girl and finds her

    "Gets me every time I see that episode."


    13. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Jemma and Fitz realized one of them was the LMD:

    Fitz yells that it's not him, but Jemma says it has to be one of them

    "No spoilers, but the scenes between Fitz and Jemma and then between Jemma and Daisy are intense! The whole episode is one of their best."


    14. On Dexter, when Trinity meets Dexter:

    Trinity looks at Dexter's badge and says "Hello, dexter morgan"

    "Dexter Season 4 — pretty much in it’s entirety, but especially the 'Hello, Dexter Morgan' scene and the last few minutes of 'The Getaway.' I was so stressed/distraught that I’ve never been able to rewatch those scenes."


    15. On Lost, when Ben tries to buy time as Keamy threatens to shoot Alex:

    Keamy says he'll kill Alex if Ben doesn't come out of the house, and Ben tells Alex he has everything under control

    Suggested by: dizzytooth81

    16. On Game of Thrones, when the Dothraki charged at the White Walkers and all their torches went out:

    the Dothraki charge, then all their lights go out as Daenerys and Jon watch in horror

    "The Battle of Winterfell in the final season of Game of Thrones. The whole episode gave me anxiety, but the worst part was when all the Dothraki torches went dark as they ran to meet the Army of the Dead. It was pitch black so you couldn't see the Army of the Dead, but you knew there were thousands of them in the dark just waiting to rush Winterfell and murder everyone. Absolutely terrifying."


    17. On Lost, when Jack woke up in the jungle and walked back to the plane wreckage in the pilot:

    Jack wakes up and discovers the plane wreckage

    "It's the pilot so you have no idea what to expect and are thrown in headfirst. You wake up with Jack and it seems serene, but then it all goes to hell in a handbasket as you follow him out of the bamboo and onto the beach and you're introduced to the characters and chaos. They don't show you anything right away — just the way Jack runs and then you start hearing the sounds and the panic."


    18. On CSI: Miami, when Ryan is shown with a nail in his eye, and then it flashes back to before it happened:


    "The CSI: Miami episode 'Nailed' starts with Delko driving Ryan to the hospital because he has a nail in his eye. We then get a title card that says, 'Five hours earlier,' and you spend the rest of the episode waiting for him to get a nail to the eye. Every time he opens up a door or goes around a corner, your stomach drops."


    19. On The Walking Dead, when the Governor stalked Andrea:

    Andrea hiding with the Governor behind her

    "Andrea being stalked by the governor in The Walking Dead is the most stressed I’ve ever felt watching TV."


    20. On The Walking Dead, when Carl had to kill his mom:

    Carl kisses his mom then shoots her as Maggie hears the shot

    "That was so intense, it made me watch the next few crappy seasons. Apparently the writers just gave up after that episode."


    21. On Once Upon a Time when Pan possessed Henry and then everyone kept telling their secrets to him without knowing it was Pan:

    one of Pan's men realizes it's him and Pan (as Henry) says "now...let's play"

    "Literally on the edge of my seat the whole time."


    22. On NCIS, when Gibbs' car was trapped underwater:

    Tony swims down to save Gibbs in a car filled iwth water

    "How about the NCIS episode when Gibbs’ car drives off the dock into the water with his daughter’s friend and him inside, and Tony has to swim down to save them both?"


    23. And finally, just the entirety of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Hush":

    a man soundlessly screams as the gentlemen prepare to cut his heart out
    The WB

    "I have still not rewatched it after all these years."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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