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    37 Things From Disney Movies That Still Do Not Make Any Sense To Me, A Fully Grown Adult

    I just have a lot of questions about Beauty and the Beast.

    Growing up, I was obsesed with Disney movies.

    I've watched them all as an adult, too, and I have to say...I have a few more questions than I did when I was younger.

    Here are 37 things I just still don't get about Disney movies.

    1. In Beauty and the Beast, was the Beast like...11 when he got turned into the Beast?

    Lumiere singing that they've ben rusting for 10 years, then a photo of the rose from the prologue, when it was stated that the rose would bloom until the Beast was 21, then a photo of the Beast as a human, asking if he was 11 in it

    2. Why did no one call the Beast by his actual name?

    3. How long was Belle at the castle??

    Maurice says he'll go back alone and find the castle, and then we see Belle in the Christmas movie, and later Belle sees Maurice still in the forest

    4. How did Gaston and the mob find the Beast's castle?

    5. In Frozen 2...what was going on with Elsa's mom?

    Elsa asking "Mother?" and her mom singing from the ice walls "Come, my darling, homeward bound"

    6. Will Olaf ever die of old age?

    7. In Tangled, how on earth did Rapunzel remember being a newborn?

    Rapunzel remembering seeing her parents as a baby

    8. Why did Gothel immediately turn old when the hair was cut, but none of Rapunzel's other magic was undone?

    Gothel screaming no as she clutches Rapunzel's hair and rapidly ages

    9. Did Rapunzel know she was keeping Gothel young?

    Toddler Rapunzel singing as Gothel's hand turns young again

    10. How did Gothel find some super-tall tower, and why didn't she just block the window that directly faced the lanterns?

    toddler Rapunzel looking at the lanterns in the sky

    11. In The Lion King, how did Zazu know the song "It's a Small World"?

    Zazu singing It's a Small World

    12. Did Simba realize when singing "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" that he wouldn't be king until his dad died?

    13. And why weren't the other animals more scared of Nala and Simba in "I Just Can't Wait to Be King"?

    14. In The Little Mermaid, what do Ariel and the other mermaids eat?

    Sebastian singing "We what the land folks loves to cook, under the sea we off the hook!"

    15. Okay, I know this question's been asked a million times, but...why didn't Ariel write a note to Eric saying who she was?? We know she could write, since she signed Ursula's contract with her name.

    16. In Aladdin, how come the Genie is able to use magic to get Aladdin out of the cave without using a wish, but then can't do the same when he saves Aladdin from drowning?

    The Genie saying he can't cheat and he can't help Aladdin unless he makes a wish, when earlier, Aladdin points out that the Genie got Aladdin out of the cave without him wishing for it

    17. Why could Iago talk and Abu couldn't?

    Abu and Iago

    18. Does the Genie actually make Aladdin a prince?

    Aladdin asks the Genie to make him a prince, and later Jafar asks Aladdin where he's from

    19. In Tarzan, how was Tarzan able to learn language?

    20. Also, did Tarzan and Mowgli from The Jungle Book eat raw meat?

    21. In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, was Quasimodo hallucinating the gargoyles, or could they really talk?

    22. In The Aristocats, why didn't Edgar just kill the cats?

    Edgar looking at the cats as they sleep

    23. And are you legally allowed to leave your fortune to cats? How would that even work?

    Edgar overhears Adelaide say she'll leave her fortune to her cats

    24. In The Princess and the Frog, did Ray actually turn into a star at the end? Was Evangeline another firefly who'd turned into a star? How did Ray even end up falling in love with a star??

    Ray telling everyone Evangeline is glowing above them and pointing to a star, and then later there's a star next to Evangeline

    25. Why did Tiana and Naveen change back into humans if it was after midnight?

    26. Also, did Naveen ever have to go back to his country to rule?

    27. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, how are the dwarfs not rich?

    Doc holding a diamond

    28. Who named the dwarfs? Were they born with those names?

    beds for Dopey and Sneezy

    29. In Sleeping Beauty, why change the curse so it could only be broken with true love's kiss?

    "from this slumber you shall wake when true love's kiss the spell shall break" with a picture of Aurora sleeping

    30. What did they use to make thread if they got rid of all the spinning wheels?

    Burning spinning wheels with the caption "King Stefan ... did then and there decree that every spinning wheel in the kingdom should on that very day be burned"

    31. What was the point of not telling Aurora she was a princess, or about the curse?

    32. Why bring Aurora to the castle so close to her birthday and not after? And why on earth did the fairies leave her alone MINUTES before she reached her 16th birthday??

    The fairies decide to leave Aurora alone to cry, then leave the room

    33. In Moana, how are the boats still functional after 1,000 years?

    Moana finding the boats

    34. Why does the ocean choose Moana, and if it's been 1,000 years, why didn't they try someone earlier?

    35. In Hercules, how does Meg's contract work?

    Hades telling Meg she sold her soul to him to save her boyfriend's life


    Is there anything you still don't get about Disney movies? Let me know in the comments!