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35 Things That I Honestly Still Don't Really Get About The Marvel Movies

I really just need someone to explain to me how Cap ended up at that bench at the end of Endgame.

Look, I consider myself to be a big MCU fan because I've seen all the movies and shows a bunch and I love all the characters, but I also enjoy the events of the MCU the way Scott Lang does: with a lot of enthusiasm and also a lot of confusion.

And even though I've religiously watched each installment, there is still so much I still have questions about.

1. For example, did just, like...no one tell Scott what was going on in Infinity War?

2. Second question — Rhodey and Scott appear to have seen Hot Tub Time Machine, but...Sebastian Stan is in that movie. Did they not notice that Bucky was just casually in a movie?

Scott and Rhodey bring up Hot Tub Time Machine and then there's a picture of Sebastian Stan in Hot Tub Time Machine

3. How come Doctor Strange holds the Time Stone and not, you know...the Reality Stone?

Dr Strange says "Protecting your reality, douchebag" when Tony Stark asks, "What is your job, exactly, besides making balloon animals?"

4. How old is Wanda?? Steve calls her "just a kid" in Civil War, but two years later she's holing up with Vision, and then from her timeline (skipping the five years of the Snap), it's only a few weeks later that she goes to Westview, right? So...is she like 19?

Wanda in WandaVision

5. And why does Vision manifest himself into an old dude (sorry, Paul Bettany) if he's technically only a few years old and can look however he wants?

6. Who is the fake Pietro? Just an actor Agnes found? Then why is he played by Evan Peters?

Pietro in WandaVision

7. Why did Jane and Thor break up?

8. Why don't the Avengers use the Time Stone against Thanos? Doctor Strange made a big deal about not destroying it and using it against Thanos, then they never did.

Doctor Strange saying "this stone may be the best chance we have against Thanos"

9. Why didn't Fury ever call Carol before the very end of Infinity War?

Carol gives Fury the pager, telling him it's for emergencies only

10. How did Captain Marvel find Tony at the beginning of Endgame?

Carol rescuing a dying Tony

11. Did Bruce and Thor ever figure out what happened in Civil War?

Tony tells Bruce the Avengers broke up and Bruce asks, "like a band? Like the Beatles?"

12. How did the rest of the world react to Wakanda revealing their stores of vibranium?

a guy at the UN asks what a nation of farmers can offer the world, and T'Challa just smiles

13. Where the heck was Nakia when everything went down in Infinity War and Endgame?

14. How can Star-Lord breathe on so many planets?

15. If Steve went back to be with Peggy, it was in a different part of the multiverse (and thus a different Peggy). So how the hell did he end up back in Bucky and Sam's universe at the end of Endgame without using the machine?

Bucky and Sam walking towards old Sam

16. Also, if Steve went to some other universe, that means there were two Steve Rogers. The other one was in the iceberg, sure, but...what happened to him when he came out? Did the two Steves meet?

Cap's shield frozen

17. And in that timeline/universe, did Steve go back to save Bucky and reveal that S.H.I.E.L.D. was actually Hydra?? Did he stop Bucky from killing Tony's parents? Did Iron Man even exist then??

Edit of Peggy wondering what Steve is thinking and him thanking about how Bucky is a Nazi assassin and Peggy's organization is Hydra and there's another Steve stuck in ice

18. And what the hell happened to him after he gave Sam the shield?

19. How did Hope's mom not go insane (or starve) with that many years in the quantum realm?

Janet van Dyne

20. What is Valkyrie's name, and why do they just call her Valkyrie?

21. How come no one tried to find Bruce after Age of Ultron?

Fury shows Natasha a dot on a map and says it could be the Quinjet but with Stark's stealth they can't track it, telling Natasha Bruce probably jumped out and swam to Fiji

22. How do people not recognize Bucky?

Bucky's date asks how old he is and he says "106"

23. How does Bucky make money?

Bucky sitting on the floor

24. How did Loki fake his own death so convincingly in The Dark World? And, like...why? So he could just cause high jinks and watch theater?

25. If Gamora's sticking around in this timeline/universe, what happens to Peter/the Guardians in her original timeline?

the Guardians

26. Also, how did Gamora stick around?

27. What happened to people who snapped in airplanes or places that were no longer there when they returned?

Monica dusting back into the hospital in WandaVision

28. Were plants snapped?

Scott sees birds chirping out the window and Scott says he thinks it worked

29. Why did Heimdall send Hulk to Earth and not Thor?

Heimdall sending Hulk through the bifrost

30. How were there, like, any Asgardians left after the Snap?

Thanos standing over bodies in the ship

31. Could Steve just, like...put the Soul Stone back and bring Natasha back to life?

Natasha holding onto Clint before she dies

32. What happened to Cap's new shield?

Tony gives Steve the shield back, and Steve says he doesn't know, but Tony says his dad made it for Steve

33. How are these two the same person???

Howard Stark in Captain America and Endgame

34. What the heck happened in Iron Man 2? Did Tony let Rhodey steal the suit or no?

Natasha says there are redundancies in Stark's security guidelines to prevent unauthorized usage, and Tony ignores her

35. What happened to the Sokovia Accords after the Snap?

Natasha, T'Chaka, and T'Challa at the UN

36. And finally, the Avengers do a ridiculous amount of property damage. Who pays for all that?? Even Tony Stark isn't that rich.

Okay, so this is by no means comprehensive, but I feel much better to have gotten these off my chest. Do you have any answers for me, or are you as lost as I am? Let me know in the comments below!