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    28 Mishaps With Extras That Ended Up In The Final Cut Of Movies And TV Shows

    I bet the filmmakers thought we would miss these.

    1. One of my favorite examples is from Quantum of Solace. There's an extra behind Bond who has apparently never swept before in his life.

    2. The same thing happens in Biker Boyz.

    3. There's a point in Cherry where you can see two background actors making spiderweb-shooting motions at Tom Holland.

    4. And in Logan's Run, an extra does the Vulcan salute.

    circle drawn over the close up of the hand

    5. One of the extras in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is randomly wearing a cowboy hat on a pirate ship.

    extra seen in a cowboy hat behind jack sparrow

    6. An extra from Sex and the City is obviously fake-eating her food in one Season 6 scene.

    extra pretending to bite down on food

    Check it out in gif format here:

    7. This extra from The Boys directly behind Annie is clearly not taking bites of her hot dog.

    8. This actor directly behind Benedict Cumberbatch in The Courier is also clearly not eating — he also fake chews super rapidly.

    9. In Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, there's an extra who looks straight at the camera in one scene — and you can actually hear someone off-camera say, "That lady just looked at the camera" (if you listen realllly closely).

    woman looking at the camera

    10. An extra in Home Sweet Home Alone also stares into the camera — for several seconds. In fact, he's still staring at the camera when the shot cuts back to him.

    an extra siting down while looking at the camera

    11. A background actor does the same thing in Swingers.

    arrow pointing to the extra looking at the camera while standing behind the actor

    12. And Thor: Ragnarok.

    circle around the person in the background looking at the camera

    13. In The Patriot, this extra who is playing dead actually gets up as the screen fades to black.

    the extra getting up

    Check it out in gif form here:

    14. Similarly, in Nobody, you can spot an extra in the background who's supposed to be playing a dead guy move.

    15. And in this scene from The Last Ship, you can spot an extra who's supposed to be playing dead grabbing the conveyer belt when he's thrown off.

    hand grabbing the belt

    16. This wasn't this poor guy's fault, but what the heck was a balding man doing playing a background actor in a high school scene on Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

    arrow pointing to the balding head of the extra playing a high schooler

    17. In Total Recall, you can tell the extras were asked to make it look like the building was shaking when the reactor starts — and one extra goes a little far with it.

    18. In Christmas with the Kranks, one extra hits another extra in the head with a ladder.

    the extra getting hit in the head

    Check it out in gif format here:

    19. Similarly, there's an extra in The Last Samurai who gets kicked in the crotch by a horse.

    20. In the teaser for Dunkirk, there's a moment where an extra looks up way too early and smirks — he was cut from the final film after fans complained.

    extra looking up in military gear

    21. In The Blob, the extras fleeing the movie theater are supposed to look scared, but a bunch of them are laughing and smiling.

    circles around the faces that are smiling in the scene

    22. There's a kid in North by Northwest who covers his ears before a gun goes off — he's apparently credited as "psychic kid" in the credits.

    circle around a kid in the background covering his ears in a diner

    23. In Die Hard with a Vengeance, there's an extra who just stands in the middle of a sidewalk for several seconds, obviously waiting for a cue.

    extra standing on the sidewalk

    Watch it in gif form here:

    24. There's an extra in Speed taking photos with a Polaroid camera that's obviously closed.

    circle around the camera

    25. Not the extra's fault, but this extra in Dawn of the Dead doesn't have zombie makeup on his stomach.

    arrow pointing to the extra with an exposed stomach

    26. Another mistake that's not the extra's fault — in Passenger 57, an extra already has fake blood on before he's shot.

    circle around the extra with fake blood on. his face

    27. And finally, in this accidental background actor example, a guy walked into frame in Terminator 2: Judgement Day before realizing he was on camera.

    What's a background actor mishap you noticed? Let us know in the comments below!