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    19 Famous Friends Who Just Support And Love Each Other So Adorably

    I would give my left kidney to be a part of Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal's friendship.

    A while back, we asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite examples of celeb BFFs, and we got a ton of great responses — including a bunch more nominated in the comments! Here are 19 more adorable celeb BFFs that people can't get enough of.

    1. Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey


    Suggested by frankimaddock

    Dylan and Tyler met when they filmed the MTV show Teen Wolf (where they played best friends Scott and Stiles), and remain best friends to this day. In fact, they've said they have a rule that they must live within a 5-mile radius of each other for the rest of their lives.

    2. Harry Styles and James Corden

    James Corden and Harry discuss how "nipply" their shirts are on Carpool Karaoke

    Suggested by onedirection822

    Harry and James have been friends since 2015, when Louis Tomlinson introduced them. James even had Harry come host the show when his wife had a baby, apparently with only 2 hours notice.

    3. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon


    Suggested by chelseyf435de6190

    Matt and Ben grew up together in Massachusetts and famously cowrote and starred in Good Will Hunting together (which they won Oscars for), and allegedly lived together when they wrote it. They've costarred in a ton of movies over the years, and still remain close.

    4. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler

    Adam says Jen's the best, and she says they must've been family in another life

    Suggested by cerealkillerm

    Jen and Adam met decades ago through a mutual friend at Jerry's Deli, and they've been close family friends ever since. They've starred in multiple movies together, including Just Go With It and Murder Mystery.

    5. Pete Davidson and John Mulaney

    John telling Pete he's loved and people are glad he's okay

    Suggested by motherofcats222

    John seems to have taken the younger comedian under his wing, joining multiple appearances of Pete's (including an interview for Pete's movie The King of Staten Island, which Mulaney was not involved in) to joke around with him but also reassure him whenever his jokes get a little too dark or self-deprecating. It's pretty darn wholesome.

    6. Dulé Hill and James Roday

    Dulé and James laughing about Dulé being the more hangry one
    Psych Official / YouTube / Via

    Suggested by brittwoah

    Dulé and James starred in Psych together, playing best friends Shawn and Gus, and their chemistry was clear from the start, with Dulé saying they always vibed super well off-camera and had a great time. James was even a groomsman at Dulé's wedding!

    7. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley

    Suggested by mrb22

    Ian and Paul met costarring in The Vampire Diaries together. The show ran eight years, and the two are still close — they actually just started a bourbon brand together called "Brother's Bourbon." Ian has even called their relationship more than a friendship, saying it's more like a brotherhood or being married.

    8. Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers

    Seth tells Amy she's great at advice, and she jokes that he never takes it

    Suggested by luisaariellad

    Seth and Amy worked on SNL together for years, even cohosting Weekend Update. They're absolutely hilarious together, and have supported each other on numerous occasions — Amy wrote a blurb on Seth for Time, and Seth wrote a chapter of Amy's book.

    9. Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

    Jen calling Courteney dependable and loyal and saying she's been there for her, and Courteney saying she hopes Jen is the happiest person in the world since she deserves to be
    OWN / Via

    Suggested by ruchajoshi612

    Jennifer and Courteney met filming Friends, and have remained super close, attending each other's weddings, gushing about each other in interviews, and talking about how each has been there for the other during tough times. They also vacation together a lot, and Jen has said she's slept in Courteney's guest bedroom quite a bit.

    10. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire

    young Leo posing with a young Tobey
    CINEPHILE / YouTube / Via

    Suggested by rovena_black95

    Leo and Tobey met when they were 12, when they were child actors. Leo was at Tobey's wedding, and is actually the godfather of Tobey's daughter! The two costarred in The Great Gatsby in 2013.

    11. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal

    Rotten Tomatoes / YouTube / Via

    Suggested by sharks4me

    This bromance blossomed while the two filmed and promoted their movie Life, with most interviews quickly descending into silly chaos and the two being extremely complimentary to each other. They've also trolled each other on social media, including Hugh Jackman in the hijinks.

    12. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio


    Suggested by walshmuireann

    The two have been friendly since the '90s, but they got especially close while filming Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Brad called their friendship automatic, since they've been through a lot of the same stuff, and both praised the other copiously during interviews, calling working together "great fun."

    13. Mindy Kaling and B. J. Novak

    BJ says Mindy is like the great love of his life, and is closer to her than a friend
    Queen Latifah / YouTube / Via

    Suggested by kenobi86

    Mindy and B. J. met while working on The Office, and were basically inseparable, dating on and off. Both have called each other their best friend but also rejected the label, saying it's closer and more complicated than that. Kaling called it a "romantically charged camaraderie with loud arguments," and the two have attended a bunch of high profile events as dates. B. J. is also Mindy's daughter's godfather.

    14. Tom Holland and Zendaya

    Zendaya asks about Tom's hardest scene to shoot with her, and he jokes "all of your scenes"
    Fandango All Access / YouTube / Via

    Suggested by shinychromenux89

    The two met filming Spider-Man: Homecoming. Zendaya has called Tom "literally one of my best friends" and one of her "favorite people," while Tom called the two of them "the best of friends," saying he goes to her with help dealing with fame.

    15. Ellen Pompeo and Jesse Williams

    Ellen crashes Jesse's interview and they joke, pretending she's a fan
    Entertainment Weekly / YouTube / Via

    Suggested by plzbediscreet

    Ellen and Jesse, who costar on Grey's Anatomy together, are super close — their families even take vacations together! Jesse called their friendship cool and natural, and it's easy to spot their chemistry and joking nature in interviews.

    16. Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra

    Meghan and Priyanka seeing Hamilton
    Meghan Markle / Instagram

    Suggested by kk12345

    The two hit it off at a 2016 event, and quickly became close. The two are both so busy now that it's been hard to see each other regularly, but Priyanka told People, "When you have real friendships, like ours, it doesn't matter what people look at you as or where your world goes, you sort of just stay friends."

    17. Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer

    Angela talking about how they'd talk all day at work and then call on the way home and Rainn would ask what more they had to say to each other

    Suggested by brendacboylan

    Angela and Jenna became super close while filming the "Basketball" episode of The Office, telling each other their life stories and walking out already best friends. The two currently cohost the Office Ladies podcast and have written a book together about their time on the show.

    18. Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét

    UMG (on behalf of Republic Records)

    Suggested by jordanmakiyahss

    The two met when Victoria wrote some tracks for Ariana's first album. They quickly became friends, spending time with Ari's family and writing music together. Ariana has called Victoria "brilliant" and "one of the nicest people I know."

    19. And finally, Timothée Chalamet and Kiernan Shipka

    Kiernan Shipka via Instagram: Happy #NationalSiblingsDay day ❤️

    TimotheeUpdates / Via Twitter: @TimotheeUpdates

    Suggested by brandonm49aeb8f8b

    Timothée and Kiernan met while working on One & Two together, and became so close they've joked about being siblings (like they were in the film), with Kiernan even suggesting he should change his last name and mentioning that her mom drove him to his last Beautiful Boy audition. Timothée has also talked about how much her family took him in — he lived with Kiernan's family for a bit, and used to chaperone Kiernan on dates.

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