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13 Times Series Finales Left A Character In The Perfect Spot Vs. 14 Times They Left Us With Some Nonsense

Spoiler alert: The Good Place gave *every* character the perfect ending.

TV finales have a difficult job: wrapping up all the loose ends and giving us a satisfying conclusion for each character. Some finales do a great job...while others miss the mark entirely.


^Six Feet Under's finale, for example, is considered one of the best series finales of all time.

There are certainly good and bad finales in terms of plot and closure, but I'm here to talk about where the characters ended up. Here are 14 characters who got their perfect ending, and 13 character endings that literally made zero sense.

1. ~Parfait~: Miley coming back to go to Stanford with Lilly at the end of Hannah Montana.

Lilly is shocked to see Miley. Miley tells her that there will be a million concerts, tours, and movies, but she only gets one chance to go to college with her best friend
Disney Channel

This was the perfect end for Miley's arc. Yes, the show ended with her embracing her identity as Hannah, but having her fully become that identity would have felt cheap after an entire show about Miley trying to have a normal life. Even though we knew Miley's college experience wouldn't be "normal," having her choose to follow Lilly (rather than the other way around) instead of starting a movie career felt so true to the show and her character. 

2. Made literally zero sense: Nate running for mayor of New York in the flash-forward at the end of Gossip Girl.

A reporter asks Nate if he's running for mayor, and Nate avoids the question by saying NY is the greatest city in the world and who wouldn't want to be mayor
The CW

He was literally dating 16-year-old Sage before the time jump. He'd gotten arrested that season. I honestly can't remember if he actually went to college. His dad was in jail. I just don't see this guy being a mayoral candidate. He has WAY too many skeletons in the closet.

3. ~Parfait~: Jamie playing on the Ravens in the One Tree Hill series finale flash-forward.

The CW

This provided the perfect full-circle moment for the series, and it felt right for Jamie's character — even though there's no WAY Jamie grew that tall. 

4. Made literally zero sense: Regina becoming the Good Queen at the end of Once Upon a Time.

Regina smiling as she's crowned

I feel like I'm going to anger some Regina fans here, but Regina spent YEARS as an evil queen when she literally killed people. I'm all for a good redemption arc, but making her the Good Queen? A bit too far.

5. ~Parfait~: Alexis moving to New York at the end of Schitt's Creek.

Alexis says she's flying solo to NY
Pop TV

Alexis was always a star, and though much of her arc was learning about becoming more caring and compromising, a lot of it was also about her really coming into her own power and skill as a professional. It feels like the end of Schitt's Creek was really just the start for Alexis, and I love finales that give that feeling!

6. Made literally zero sense: Rachel getting off the plane at the end of Friends.

Rachel reveals she got off the plane as Ross looks up

I've talked before about this moment being romantic and feeling right for their arc as a couple/in the show, but if we're talking about character...I don't think it was the right choice for Rachel, and it was frustrating knowing that she'd given up her dream job.

7. ~Parfait~: Kimmy opening a theme park for her books at the end of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Kimmy hugs a kid who says her books make him feel safe, and then we pan out to see her theme park

This was such a sweet ending that reconciled the colorful, sometimes absurd nature of the show with the message of female empowerment. I was so happy that Kimmy got her happy ending and she was spreading joy to kids everywhere — it was the perfect ending for her.

8. Made literally zero sense: Ted going after Robin at the end of How I Met Your Mother.

Ted's kids tell him he's into Robin and he goes to her house with a trumpet

Ugh. Do I even need to go into detail on this one? We all hate this relationship, and it cheapened the entire premise of the show.

9. ~Parfait~: Mercedes being the opening act for Beyoncé at the end of Glee.

Mercedes saying she's opening for Beyonce

(Kim Kardashian West voice) It's what she deserves. 

10. Made literally zero sense: Serena marrying Dan in the Gossip Girl flash-forward.

The CW

He literally stalked her and her friends for YEARS and wrote Serena as this horrible person in both his books. I hate this ending for Serena.

11. ~Parfait~: David staying in town and buying a house with Patrick at the end of Schitt's Creek.

David saying he's staying and isn't finished with Schitt's Creek

David's arc was much more about learning to love himself and others and being more confident. He really came into his own, and a quiet life with his husband running a brand he was really passionate about in a community he loved was the perfect ending for him — not to mention for Patrick, who clearly didn't want to move to New York.

12. Made literally zero sense: Amy moving to New York at the end of Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Amy saying if she doesn't leave she'll never know what she could've done in her life then Ricky with John
ABC Family

I'm all for Amy going to college and pursuing a career, but it honestly felt really out of character to just leave John in a different state with Ricky. And then Ben was still trying to get with Amy in New York, suggesting they might get back together??? Ugh. Not the ending I wanted.

13. ~Parfait~: Alaric starting the Salvatore School for the Young and the Gifted at the end of The Vampire Diaries.

Alaric at the school with the new sign for it
The CW

This was a great ending for Alaric that showed how he was able to move on and stay close to his kids, while also bringing up a new legacy (ha, get it?) of teen supernatural beings. And it spawned a whole spinoff!

14. Made literally zero sense: Piper moving to be near Alex at the end of Orange Is the New Black.

Piper smiling at Alex

I felt as if the point of the last season of OITNB was that Piper and Alex were NOT supposed to be together. It was also kind of annoying to see Piper get this kind of cheesy, unrealistic ending when most of the other characters had such bleak endings.

15. ~Parfait~: Sansa becoming queen of the North at the end of Game of Thrones.


This is 100% what Sansa deserved, and it felt so fitting for the end of her arc. She'd grown so much over the show, and this felt like the perfect ending for her.

16. Made literally zero sense: Sue being vice president in the Glee flash-forward.

Fox News host introducing Sue as the vice president

I know this was supposed to be funny, but I can't even suspend disbelief enough to enjoy this. It's more stupid for her arc than Rachel ditching Funny Girl.

17. ~Parfait~: Taystee teaching a class at the end of Orange Is the New Black.

Taystee introducing her financial literacy class in Poussey's honor

While I hate that Taystee never got the justice she deserved, I love that she became hopeful at the end of the show and decided to view life in prison as something she could use to give back to other inmates. I LOVED that she started the fund for Poussey, and it ended up feeling like a fitting ending for Taystee, even though I hoped for better.

18. Made literally zero sense: Bran becoming king at the end of Game of Thrones.


This feels like another one I don't have to go into. Of all the people who could've ruled...we really had to end up with Boring Bran? 

19. ~Parfait~: Walt dying at the end of Breaking Bad.


Walt's arc really only could've had one ending — I don't even feel that prison would've been satisfying. This just felt right for the character and the show.

20. Made literally zero sense: Aria and Ezra getting married at the end of Pretty Little Liars.


HE WAS HER TEACHER. Not to mention he was incredibly manipulative. I hate this for Aria. And Aria's parents/all of Rosewood are just in the church okay with this??

21. ~Parfait~: The Secret Service being with Leslie and Ben in the flash-forward at the end of Parks and Recreation.

A Secret Service agent telling Ben and Leslie it's time to go

I like to believe that both Ben and Leslie were president at different times (Leslie obviously first), and I love that this suggested that. Also, honorable mention to Jerry becoming mayor of Pawnee and living to be 100. It's what he deserved.

22. Made literally zero sense: Katara and Aang finally getting together at the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender.


It never really felt as if Katara liked Aang back, and even though this was a sweet ending for Aang, it didn't feel right for Katara. Zutara forever!!!

23. ~Parfait~: Jesse driving away at the end of Breaking Bad.


Jesse had been through SO MUCH, and seeing him with genuine elation at the end of the show was so cathartic. I loved that we got El Camino, too, and saw that he truly did find peace.

24. Made literally zero sense: Liam stopping Annie's plane and proposing to her on 90210.

The CW

Look, I'm sorry, but I hated Annie and Liam. This felt overly cheesy and rushed, and, like...did it really need to happen in front of Naomi? If we deserved any high school couple reunion here, it should've been Naomi and Max. I didn't like this for Annie or Liam.

25. ~Parfait~: Tahani becoming an architect at the end of The Good Place.

Tahani saying she wants to be an architect then becoming one

Eleanor, Chidi, and Jason finding peace at the end of The Good Place was the perfect end for their arcs (especially Chidi's), but Tahani going on to become an architect was a much better fit for her. I loved that she was spending eternity helping people become better.

26. Made literally zero sense: Silver getting cancer and contemplating suicide (right after losing her baby) at the end of 90210.

Silver tells Dixon she has cancer, asking what else she can lose after losing her body, baby, and maybe her life
The CW

This was WAY too bleak for a teen drama series finale. Shoutout to Dixon's speech about her strength for giving us (and Silver) a little bit of hope, but still. This feels like a midseason storyline. After all Silver had been through, it would've been really nice to leave her in a good spot in the series finale.

27. And finally, ~parfait~: Michael becoming human at the end of The Good Place.

Eleanor telling Michael he's going to be a real boy and Michael becoming human

Michael's entire arc was about learning to love and understand humanity, and it was his dream to be able to experience it. Giving him this ending was the PERFECT reward for a really powerful arc.

Which TV character endings did you find stupid, and which ones did you love? Let us know in the comments!