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    21 Ultra-Satisfying TV Couple Moments That Were A Lonnnnnnggggg Time Coming

    "You found me."

    So, if you know me, you know I'm a big ol' fluff ball.

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    ^Actual footage of me watching cute stuff.

    I adore TV couples like they're my friends and family, and so, when they get together or have a significant moment, I will literally start crying and/or cheering.


    Here are just a few of my favorite TV couple moments that made me do a happy little dance in my apartment!

    1. When Chidi kissed Eleanor in the Season 2 finale of The Good Place:


    They'd kissed before, but this one was my favorite. And it was made even better by Eleanor saying "hot diggity dog" after. *Sigh* I love these two.

    2. When Nathan and Haley reunited after he was kidnapped on One Tree Hill:

    Haley sees Nathan and he says "Hi Hales" — she tells him to say it again and he does as they hug
    The CW

    And "Never Let Me Go" by Florence and the Machine is playing, and it's just BEAUTIFUL, okay????

    3. When Lydia FINALLY got Stiles back and they kissed on Teen Wolf:


    SIX SEASONS IN THE MAKING, PEOPLE. God, this was rewarding.

    4. When Penny and Desmond finally reunited over the phone on Lost:

    Both are shocked and happy to hear from each other, and Desmond asks if she still cares about him. Penny says she's been looking for him for three years, and they both say "I love you" and promise to find each other

    MY HEART. I feel like I don't scream about this couple enough. They are the definition of true love.

    5. When Nick and Jess *finally* kissed on New Girl:


    Sorry to all other TV couples, but this is the single best first kiss of any TV couple of all time. 

    6. And Damon and Elena shared their first ~official~ kiss on The Vampire Diaries:

    Damon says if he's going to feel guilty about something, it'll be this, then kisses Elena
    The CW

    This is *technically* their second kiss, but I'm not counting their first one because it was just a peck Elena gave Damon as he was dying a season prior. The payoff is impeccable, and the chemistry!!!! Ugh.

    7. When Chidi read what he'd written himself in The Good Place:

    Chidi reads "There is no 'answer,' but Eleanor is the answer"

    There has not been anything in TV history more romantic than this. It's an incredible moment in Chidi's arc, and it makes my heart so happy. BRB, gotta go grab a tissue.

    8. When Patrick proposed to David on Schitt's Creek:

    Patrick asks David to marry him, and David asks if he's sure, and Patrick replies "Easiest decision of my life"

    This is one of my fave TV proposals. The little "Are you sure?" plus the rings, the whole fiasco of Patrick's was just perfectly imperfect.

    9. When Tara and Willow got back together on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Tara says there's a lot of work to do and trust to be built before they get back together, then asks if they can just skip it and be kissing, and Willow smiles then they kiss

    Tara walks in and starts this speech, and you totally get where she's coming from, but it's still a disappointment. It feels like it might be the end for them for good. But then she switches it, and she and Willow kiss and everything is right in the universe again. (Because, of course, Buffy Season 6 ends right here!)

    10. When Elena revealed she wanted to be with Damon in The Vampire Diaries:

    The CW

    I really couldn't tell what they were going to do after a whirlwind of a season in which they clearly put this doubt in our minds about whether Elena really loved Damon or if it was the sire bond. This was the first time after it was broken that we heard Elena reveal the truth, and damn, was it satisfying.

    11. When Schmidt came home from the plane and Cece was waiting for him, along with all their friends, in his apartment to get married on New Girl:

    Cece asks if Schmidt wants to get married, and he replies "I don't think that I can wait another second"

    The end of this episode makes me cry every time. It's better than having their big perfect wedding together, and the whole scene just radiates comfort and happiness to me.

    12. When Chandler and Monica were revealed to be together on Friends:

    Monica gets out of the covers next to Chandler and says "Do you think he knew I was here?"

    I knew it was going to happen at some point because I don't live under a rock, but I still screamed. 

    13. When Ted came to Alexis's singles event in Schitt's Creek:

    Ted tells Alexis he's newly single and he's wanted to do this for two years, then kisses her

    YES!!!!! I literally screamed at the TV when this happened. I'm still upset they didn't end up together.

    14. When Rachel got off the plane on Friends:

    Rachel reveals she got off the plane as Ross looks up

    I honestly don't love this decision for Rachel as a character, but I have to admit there was a sort of narrative rightness to it that made my heart full when I saw it. It's just such an iconic moment.

    15. When Eve and Villanelle kissed on Killing Eve:


    Not the most romantic scene ever, per se, but still a scene I screamed at my TV during. After seasons of sexual tension and buildup, we finally got an Eve-Villanelle kiss, and I couldn't have been more excited about it, tbh.

    16. When Snow and Charming reunited after remembering each other on Once Upon a Time:

    Snow says "You found me?" and Charming replies "Did you ever doubt I would?" Then they kiss

    Charming's response is kind of annoying, but I don't even care. After an entire season of "real life" things pulling an iconic fairy-tale couple apart, it was so rewarding to finally see them remember each other and kiss. I don't care how cheesy their whole "I will always find you" thing is, I still love it.

    17. When Toni rescued Cheryl on Riverdale:

    Toni tells Cheryl "We came to rescue you," then they kiss
    The CW

    This scene was just so SWEET. Cheryl and Toni were such an unexpected yet great pairing when they started, and their first kiss (in front of basically Cheryl's peers at a conversion camp) was just such a beautiful moment, though I wish Veronica and Toni had freed everyone there.

    18. When Klaus and Caroline had sex on The Vampire Diaries:

    The CW

    Nobody does slow burn quite like The Vampire Diaires. This couple was seasons in the making, and I was so upset that Klaus left to have his own show, because his scenes with Caroline were some of my favorites. So when he came back for the 100th episode and *this* scene happened...let's just say I was pretty excited.

    19. When Kate admitted that she loved Sawyer on Lost:


    She later told Sawyer she only said this to save him, but I think we all know that's a lie. Sawyer and Kate were an infinitely better couple than either Jack and Kate or Sawyer and Juliet, and I will forever be mad they didn't end up together.

    20. When Haley ran back into Phil's sexy, sexy house to kiss Andy on Modern Family:


    They jerked us around FOREVER with this ship, and then FINALLY we got this kiss, and it was everything we dreamed it would be. Still mad about this couple, too.

    21. And finally, when Oliver told Felicity he loved her on Arrow:

    Oliver tells Felicity that Slade took Laurel because he wants to kill the woman Oliver loves, but he took the wrong woman, because Oliver loves Felicity
    The CW

    I know that this ended up being a trick they were pulling on Slade, but STILL!! It's established pretty soon after that he meant it. And at the time, when we thought it was real, I about lost my damn mind. Absolutely iconic.

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