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    19 Actors Who Were Perfectly Cast And Styled As Comic Book Characters

    Which Archie characters are well cast in Riverdale?

    Recently, we took a look at cartoon characters that were super well cast. But what about comic book and graphic novel characters?


    Below, I've listed some of my favorite castings (and hair/costume/makeup transformations) of comic book characters!

    The CW

    Some of these I didn't even realize were based on comics!

    1. Betty in Riverdale (played by Lili Reinhart)

    DIC Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection, The CW

    Rivedale is based on Archie Comics.

    2. Archie in Riverdale (played by KJ Apa)

    DIC Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection, The CW

    Yes, he's hotter, but this is The CW, guys.

    3. Thor from the Thor/Avengers movies (played by Chris Hemsworth)

    Marvel comics, Marvel

    I couldn't imagine anyone else playing Thor.

    4. The Black Canary from Arrow (played by Caity Lotz)

    DC, The CW

    While the identity of the Black Canary in the comics and Arrow-verse changed, I always really liked Sarah Lance as the Black Canary.

    5. Homelander in The Boys (played by Antony Starr)

    Dynamite Entertainment, Amazon

    Even their expressions are practically the same!

    6. MM in The Boys (played by Laz Alonso)

    Dynamite Entertainment, Amazon

    Big leather jacket energy.

    7. Starlight in The Boys (played by Erin Moriarty)

    Dynamite Entertainment, Amazon

    The costume is so spot on!

    8. Valerie in Riverdale (played by Hayley Law)

    Hanna-barbera / ©Hanna-Barbera/Courtesy Everett Collection, The CW

    I want her back on the show!!

    9. Melody in Josie and the Pussycats (played by Tara Reid)

    Hanna-barbera / ©Hanna-Barbera/Courtesy Everett Collection, Universal Pictures

    I prefer Riverdale's iteration of Josie and the Pussycats, but this was still a fun film!

    10. Ramona in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead)

    Bryan Lee O'Malley, Universal Pictures

    The hair!!

    11. Scott in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (played by Michael Cera)

    Bryan Lee O'Malley, Universal Pictures

    Same awkward energy.

    12. Shazam in Shazam! (played by Zachary Levi)

    DC, Warner Bros. Pictures

    I may be biased because I like Zachary Levi in anything.

    13. Black Widow in the Avengers movies (played by Scarlett Johansson)

    Marvel Comics, Marvel

    So well cast!!

    14. Evey in V for Vendetta (played by Natalie Portman)

    DC, Warner Bros. Pictures

    I know this is mostly the hair and makeup team, but still. So good!

    15. Diana in Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot)

    DC, Warner Bros. Pictures

    Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman to me.

    16. Sabrina in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (played by Kiernan Shipka)

    Courtesy Everett Collection, Netflix

    I love Melissa Joan Hart, but the hair and makeup team just did so well by Kiernan Shipka.

    17. Storm in the X-Men films (played by Halle Berry)

    Marvel Comics, 20th Century Fox

    While I'm not a huge fan of the wig, you can't deny she looks just like Storm!

    18. Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class (played by January Jones)

    Marvel Comics, 20th Century Fox

    I wish she'd worn the blue lipstick, though.

    19. And finally, Laurie in Watchmen (played by Malin Åkerman)

    DC, Warner Bros. Pictures

    The hair is perfect!

    Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!