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    Just 17 Really Good Tips On How To Drink Less That People Swear By

    You've got this.

    Maybe you're having a dry January after a holiday season filled with indulgence. Or perhaps you're feeling sober curious and are considering giving up booze all together.

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    So we asked the BuzzFeed community to tell us their best advice for cutting back on alcohol or giving it up all together. Here are some of their responses — a mix of tips, tricks, and products that might make things easier along the way.

    1. Keep your fridge stocked with (really good) beverages that aren't alcoholic.

    2. Grab a copy of Quit Like a Woman, a book that might help you see alcohol and the whole culture around it differently.

    3. Try mixing up a concoction with a non-alcoholic spirit.

    4. Read The Alcohol Experiment, an inspiring book that doesn't preach or shame.

    A copy of Annie Grace's "The Alcohol Experiment."
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    "This book and online forum by Annie Grace doesn’t assume you will stay sober or even change your drinking habits. She doesn't push anything onto the reader and leaves the journey up to you." —Erin Nelson

    5. Drift peacefully into booze-free sleep with melatonin.

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    "I used to rely on alcohol to calm my nerves and help me get to sleep peacefully. Since giving it up, I've been taking melatonin instead. It's helped me reduce my alcohol intake and fall asleep quickly." —cheyannefaithc

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    6. Curate your Instagram feed to keep you on track.

    7. Pair up with a sober-buddy to keep you motivated.

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    "Find a partner or two who will actually hold you accountable. When you think you want a drink, call them. It might help you dig a little deeper into why you really want that drink." —courtneyj4b40503e4

    8. If it's legal where you live, smoke weed instead.

    9. Or try a CBD product to de-stress.

    10. Plan out activities that don't involve drinking.

    A board game.
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    "Take the time to plan activities and nights out that don’t include drinking. Go to a board game cafe (or have a game night at home), go bowling, or cook something fun at home." —alexac43d787f37

    11. Pour yourself a cup of herbal tea.

    12. Replace the habit of drinking with another one.

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    "If drinking has become an everyday activity, replace it with a new, healthier one. Instead of drinking, I've been going to the gym, which has made me feel both happier and healthier. If you feel an urge to drink, try going for a walk instead." —mollycookiem

    13. Or take up a hobby in its place.

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    "When I want to drink, I do 15 minutes of some kind of exercise, but you can substitute drinking with any hobby you enjoy. Instead of picking up a drink, pick up a book and read, or try coloring, crafting, etc... You can rewire your brain by substituting one habit for another." —Turnip Cake Dreams

    14. Take a break from bars and restaurants. (Which will be especially easy to do right now!)

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    "I stayed away from bars, restaurants and parties where alcohol is prevalent for a couple of months while I kicked the drink. Over time, it became easier to be around people who were drinking, and six months later, it very rarely bothers me. Some days I can tell it will be too hard to say no, so I opt out of certain activities or situations, but other days I feel so good about my decision and who I am without drinking." —loris4373feb64

    15. Sip on a non-alcoholic beer.

    16. Make a mocktail instead.

    17. Give yourself small, realistic goals to work toward.

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    "Take things day by day. Rather say 'I'm never drinking again' you can replace that thought with 'I'm not drinking today.' When you set small, achievable goals for yourself, they’re easier to stick to." —jasminew43748375e

    Do you have any tips, advice, or products that have made it easier for you to cut out alcohol? Share in the comments below!