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Your 21-Step Guide To The Proper Worship Of Marion Cotillard

It's time to promote your Marion Cotillard obsession to a full-on religion.

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To correctly worship Marion Cotillard, you must emulate the goddess herself, and live by her many teachings.


Thankfully, we have created a handy guide for you to become a better believer.

1. It is said that Marion Cotillard once walked on cobblestones in stilletos as if it was nothing.

Vogue / Via

In honour of this miracle, walk only in the middle of roads, preferably with large block letters spelling your name in the air.


11. If anybody suggests that your worship of Marion Cotillard is an illegitimate faith, your goddess commands that you make this face of utter ennui.

Sony Pictures Classics / Via

This face will help you to identify other believers in Marion Cotillard.


15. Say beautiful things about your art, and while you are thinking of them, make these thinking sounds. / Via

16. Every month, at the new moon, at midnight, walk through the woods until you find a circle of ancient oak trees, unsullied by man or beast. When you have found such a place, you may watch the following GIF exactly three times and rejoice: