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The Parisian Butt Plug Christmas Tree Has Been Destroyed

Vandals attacked the inflatable piece overnight. Also, someone punched the artist in the face.

So, remember that infamous art installation in Paris that went up this week and was supposed to look like a tree?

Of course you do, because it actually looked like a large inflatable sex toy.


Yeah, that one. The one that definitely looks like a butt plug.

Well, it turns out that a lot of Parisians really, really hated it.

So much so that one enraged Frenchman punched the artist, Paul McCarthy, right in the face. The man felt insulted and ashamed by the massive green sex toy, which had been erected in Paris' Place Vendome for the FIAC Contemporary Art Fair.

Here's a helpful comparison for those unfamiliar with the sex toy in question.

Bertrand Guay/AFP / Getty Images/Twitter: @butt_plug_music / Via Mark Di Stefano
Bertrand Guay/AFP / Getty Images/Twitter: @butt_plug_music / Via Mark Di Stefano
Bertrand Guay/AFP / Getty Images/Twitter: @butt_plug_music / Via Mark Di Stefano

Anyway, many French people weren't pleased, so last night, someone took matters into their own hands.

A police source told the French newspaper Le Figaro that vandals severed the cables holding it in place while the security guard wasn't paying attention.

Then it looked like this.

Place Vendôme : L'installation de Paul McCarthy saccagພ cette nuit. via @Flosh

Mathieu Delahousse@Math_DelahousseFollow

Place Vendôme : L'installation de Paul McCarthy saccag? cette nuit. via @Flosh

8:47 AM - 18 Oct 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

At this point, the exhibit's organisers decided to disconnect the power supply to the air pump which had been inflating the Butt Plug Christmas Tree Thing, which is also known by its actual name, Tree.

And then it looked like this.

MARTIN BUREAU / AFP / Getty Images

R.I.P. Christmas Tree Butt Plug Thing.

The French term for what happened here is "pshit".


Organisers say that the exhibit will be reinflated, and restored to its original glory.

Long live Christmas Tree Butt Plug Thing!