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    Every Type Of Female Action Movie Character

    Including the magical healing lady and the lady who undresses for no reason.

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    1. The woman who has to die to give the protagonist something to fight for. “I did this for you, Julia!” he screams at the moment of cinematic climax. Later he meets a different hot lady and they have children but, like, he always remembers Julia.

    2. The woman who doesn't have children, but will ultimately be convinced by the end of the movie to start a family, after looking at a child for several minutes in a moment of great peril that reminds her of what really matters in life (having children).

    3. The orphan. She doesn’t know where her parents are, but he’ll help her find them if she does several extremely dangerous things for him first.

    4. The career woman with her hair in a razor-sharp bob, which suggests it’ll be TOUGH WORK for the male hero to seduce her, but a huge payoff when he does. Later, her hair will be shown in a softer, post-coital curl.

    5. The woman who comes off as sort of vaguely incompetent, terrified, and weak, but can run for miles through thick jungle in stilettos.

    6. The FBI lady. She’s the only woman in the entire bureau and she works hard, but plays harder. Her entire wardrobe consists of shiny blazers and towering heels. She’s just one of the guys, you know.

    7. The backstabbing-yet-erotic red-haired Russian spy.

    8. The Lady President who is really good at listening to and trusting the male protagonist, and therefore is a good Lady President.

    9. The woman with short hair who the male hero has sex with, signalling that he’s actually really progressive because he’s having sex with a lady with short hair.

    10. The woman who only ever gets a small, diagonal cut on her left cheek, despite being in an alien war. Her body is completely immune to pain or injury, apart from her left cheek, whose tiny, diagonal cut proves that despite being a kickass lady soldier astronaut FBI agent, she’s still vulnerable.

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    11. The woman who never grows even a tiny little speck of underarm hair even though she’s living in the apocalypse.

    12. The woman who would have been soft, tender, and lovable if it weren’t for this godforsaken robot war. She wasn’t this hard as a child. She used to laugh. She used to smile. Maybe the hero will convince her to smile for the first time in 13 years...unless the robots get her first.

    13. The extremely attractive 22-year-old who is inexplicably in love with a much older man with neither looks nor money, there's just something about him. He feels safe.

    14. The woman who doesn’t break a sweat. She can sprint through desert and keep up with her man in an evening gown, but she won’t break a sweat at all.

    15. The woman who can only run in straight lines. She will come to an untimely death when the thing falls on her and she can’t run in a diagonal to get away.

    16. The sexy mutant. She’s some sort of alien/robot but you still want to bang her.

    17. The even sexier mutant.

    18. The sexy mutant twins.

    19. The lady who always turns up to battles in a bikini. She never remembers to wear proper body armour, but it’s OK because her visible cleavage will probably stop the bullets.

    20. The woman who proves through swordfighting/superhuman strength/an impressive knowledge of knot-tying/the ability to fly that she won’t slow down the group of guys, who begrudgingly but woke-ly agree to bring her with them when they penetrate the car race battle space explosions fort.

    21. The little girl who learned how to be strong from her dad. Her dad who the robots killed.

    22. The president's daughter. The president will ultimately decide not to make an important political decision that Congress has voted on after speaking to his 8-year-old daughter on the phone for five minutes. She’s very wise.

    23. The woman in a catsuit. She knows that PVC is the most practical fabric for jumping across rooftops, long-distance running, and fighting for your country.

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    24. The woman who stays behind with the injured male character out of love, and dies because of it.

    25. The lesbian. The lesbian never talks about her sexuality but you know she’s a lesbian because she doesn’t immediately have sex with the protagonist.

    26. The “Asian woman” who knows karate or kung fu or tai chi, or whatever they’re good at in her home country that the scriptwriters haven’t really bothered to research.

    27. The woman who takes her clothes off for no reason. They just needed to change into their armour, but she has to strip down to her underwear so the audience can go “wow”.

    28. The hot young woman who is unhappily married to the Bad Guy King/Dictator/Dragon Lord and makes ~steamy eyes~ when the young ab-tastic male hero arrives, like, “I’ll bone u if u save me.” And he does, and they do.

    29. The mother of the 21-year-old protagonist who is played by a 27-year-old actress.

    30. The wise older woman who walks with a cane and doles out really useful advice to male protagonists, aka the lady equivalent of the part usually played by Morgan Freeman. She speaks solely in metaphors.


    32. The woman with children. She feels guilty about going into the space army because she’s leaving her kids behind, but she knows serving her country is more important. Someday her kids will understand.

    33. The woman who is surprisingly good at fixing cars, and is always bending over them with an arched back, cause that’s how you fix a car real good.

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    34. The woman who’s just so poor and just so hot. Being poor made her strong. But not too strong. She’ll be so relieved when the male protagonist arrives to take her back to his country, where she can finally be free to wear a soft linen dress and send her kids to private school.

    35. The woman who comes from money, and is kind of ~stuck up~ at first, but eventually realises that the rugged male hero is exactly what she’s always been looking for. She gets the man she’s always secretly wanted, and he gets to move into her mountain castle. Everybody wins.

    36. The magical healing lady who can cure any ailment of any male protagonist with just a bowl full of water and a cloth applied softly to the forehead.

    37. The protagonist’s work colleague, who isn’t hot but has worked with him her whole career because she secretly has a huge crush on him. This proves that women and men CAN be friends, as long as she’s not that hot.

    38. The European woman. Her accent is sexy and mysterious but you can’t put your finger on it. Could she be Spanish? French? Romanian? Who knows.

    39. The woman in a sequinned ball gown at the cocktail bar who seems innocently sexy until it turns out she is TRAITOR-ly sexy. She gets murdered real quick.

    40. The women from Mad Max: Fury Road.

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