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    We Asked British People To Answer A Few Basic Questions About American History

    They want their tea back, and they definitely don't remember the Alamo.

    We asked the BuzzFeed UK office to answer a few simple questions about American history.

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    It didn't go terribly well.

    1. Who was the second president of the United States?

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    Correct answer: John Adams.

    2. Which was the last state to join the Union?

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    Correct answer: Hawaii, which became a state in 1959.

    Alabama became a state in 1819.

    Panem will become a state in the post-apocalyptic future world of The Hunger Games.

    3. What happened at the Boston Tea Party?

    Several people thought it was all rather lovely.

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    Others were a bit closer...but mostly just mad about all that wasted tea.

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    "A bunch of Americans got all huffy. Then they tried to be independent. Look how that worked out for them."

    Pretty great, actually!

    Others thought it was all a dispute over Americans putting sugar in their tea.

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    "So we let them be independent."

    Mmm hmm.

    One Brit decided to reject history itself.

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    This was probably the most accurate response, tbh.

    4. What happened at the Battle of the Alamo?

    Sadly, it appears the Alamo has been forgotten. Except for one Brit, who will never forget the Alamo's nearby Fuddruckers.

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    Best answer: The first of the Great Rental Car Battles.

    Correct answer: Texas lost.

    5. Finally, the Brits were asked: Who’s this?

    Some thought he must be related to one of us. / BuzzFeed

    Others got it plain wrong.

    Some were *nearly* right. / BuzzFeed

    And some were too turned on to even care. / BuzzFeed / BuzzFeed

    It's Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. But he was a very well dressed man.

    Sorry, America.

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    But we're pretty sure Americans don't know much about British history, either.

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