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31 Things That Didn't Look At All Like Penises In 2015

It was a great year for things that weren't penises. H/T r/mildlypenis.

1. Nothing to see here.

It's just not a penis.

2. Just some innocent snowmen.

Snowmen wishing you a happy, innocent Christmas.

3. Just a rock, guys.

Juuuust a rock.

4. Just some bacon.

5. Move it right along. Nothing to see here whatsoever.

6. This is just a river in Finland and there's absolutely nothing funny about it.

7. These festive lights depict candles. Just candles.

fucking. the Christmas lights in Fuquay-Varina North Carolina look like a bunch of penises down the road

8. This Welsh cloud is no more than a Welsh cloud.

@DerekTheWeather strange killer cloud over Porthcawl! ? Steel works? Fire ?? Doomsday...

9. Same with this one.

love this weather :) even the clouds are beautiful

10. And this delicious-looking turkey cake.

11. This is just a beeaauutiful ring holder.

12. This furry cactus is absolutely not a penis.

13. Nor is this friendly little guy.

14. Or this one.

15. This is not an enormous penis emerging from a cup, featuring the Chuckle Brothers.

16. This deliiiicious coffee is perfectly normal.

17. Nope, not a penis.

18. That last molecule? Not a penis.

Not even a little bit.

19. This lovely swimming pool? 100% penis free.

20. No reason to stare at this perfectly average tree.

21. There's nothing penis-related about the instructions in this deodorant.

That would be ridiculous.

22. This wriggly, squirmy, squelchy thing is just a caterpillar.

23. Just a lovely, healthy wee carrot.

24. This cookie cutter is perfect for making rainbow cookies, not dick cookies.

25. This is just a frilly sock.

26. And this is a baby panda coming into the world.

Becky Malinsky / AP

Welcome to the world, baby panda.

27. This romantic candle could get anyone in the mood.

Happy birthday @patrickjb32 ! Heres a candle that looks like a penis

28. And this delicious ice cream has nothing to do with penises.

Nothing at all.

29. This is an unborn child. How dare you?

30. These are children's coat racks.

31. And whatever it was that tried to get away, we can be 100% sure it wasn't a penis.


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