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18 Black Women Olympians Who Have Kicked Ass On Team USA

From tennis to track to bobsled, black women Olympians have been breaking records — and barriers.

1. Alice Coachman

2. Wilma Rudolph

3. Willye White

4. Florence Griffith-Joyner

5. Jackie Joyner-Kersee

6. Zina Garrison

7. Debi Thomas

8. Maritza Correia

9. Dominique Dawes

10. Dawn Staley

11. Lisa Leslie

12. Serena Williams

13. Venus Williams

...Of course. The tennis superstar known as Venus Williams has four gold medals–tied with her sister, with whom she won three as a doubles team. At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, she took home the gold in both singles and doubles matches.

14. Vonetta Flowers

15. Simone Manuel

16. Lia Neal

17. Gabby Douglas

18. Simone Biles

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