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    25 Spilled Family Secrets That Must Make For Awkward Family Reunions

    "My dad’s cousin is actually his sister. Thank you, AncestryDNA. Be careful out there, folks!"

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us their wildest family secrets. There were so many fascinating submissions that we had to share even more with you! Here are some of the best:

    1. "My great-uncle and great-aunt decided to take in a foreign student as part of an exchange program. The student was a handsome and charming young man, and he took a strong liking to my great-aunt. I guess my great-aunt liked him, too, because she divorced my great-uncle to run off with this student who was the same age as her children!"

    Shocked Heidi Klum


    2. "My grandma likely killed my grandpa. He 'fell' down the stairs in the middle of the night. The police report has a lot of holes in it. There was suspicion from the police and my mom that my grandma may have pushed him down the stairs. But no one could prove it either way, so it was ruled accidental."

    Stunned Oprah


    3. "When my niece was 14, she had an uncontrollable seizure and was put into a medically induced coma. The doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her and needed to do a complete family history. They asked tons of questions, did blood work, etc. Eventually, it came out that my brother isn't her biological father. Her mom won't say, but it's believed that my brother's best friend is the dad."

    Surprised Andy Samberg

    4. "My mom randomly told me today that my great-aunt would scam men into giving her money by telling them she was pregnant and they had to pay for her abortion. She was never pregnant. Also, she was gay."

    Gasping Leslie Knope

    5. "Turns out my dad has 60-something siblings, and the man I thought was his dad is not actually his dad."

    Surprised Ross Geller

    6. "My mom never knew her biological dad and thought he was some guy my grandmother was dating who then dipped out. A couple of years ago, we did an AncestryDNA test and learned that my mom's biological dad is actually her grandfather's first cousin."

    Shocked David Rose

    7. "When my grandmother was starting to get really sick, my uncle started getting really into everyone’s family DNA. My grandmother had a fairly hidden past because she grew up in Germany during the Holocaust and my grandfather had long passed."

    Ted Mosby caught off guard

    "It turned out she was actually born in France to an unwed mother who married a German soldier. We also found out that my great-uncle was one of the first men to fly a plane in Germany. We ALSO found out that my sleazy uncle had slept with his brother’s wife and is actually the father of my twin cousins. They’re 43 and do NOT know. Such a scandal!"


    8. "I had a direct ancestor who married his stepmother. His father died, so he married her. Apparently it wasn't uncommon."

    Disgusted Fleabag
    Amazon Prime

    9. "I took a DNA test and discovered I’m 25% Jewish, which shouldn't be possible, given what I know of my family. It turns out that my maternal grandfather was 100% Ashkenazi Jew but had faced such antisemitism that he couldn’t get anywhere in business. His solution? Move to a new state, claim an entirely different ancestry (German and English, with a pinch of Norwegian), insist he was Methodist, and start all over."

    Surprised Lily Aldrin

    "It worked. For a while, he was one of the biggest real estate magnates in the state. And he never told his kids the truth about their ancestry. We learned all of this when my uncle managed to track down the family members my grandfather left behind."


    10. "When I was 12, I told my grandmother that I just didn’t feel like my dad was my biological father. She said, 'Well, he’s not!'"

    Andy Bernard heavy-breathing


    11. "I recently learned that my dad and his brothers were bank robbers in the '60s and '70s. They’ve all passed away, but I really wish I could ask my dad about his interesting past!"

    Kenan Thompson eating popcorn


    12. "My uncle (by marriage) was adopted and grew up as an only child. A few years ago, he did a DNA test and discovered nine half-siblings between his two biological parents. Using his adoption info, he learned he was the result of an affair between a boss and a secretary."

    Cringing Kristen Bell

    "The boss got around. In addition to his children within his marriage, he had one more child outside of marriage — with a first cousin. My uncle — who was always an only child — has started a warm relationship with one of his half brothers, but he is the only one who knows. The other siblings don’t know their father was ever unfaithful."


    13. "My grandma was one of 11 kids. Her mom died when she was 18, and at her funeral, we all learned that she was actually one of 21 kids and that my great-grandpa married my grandma's twin sister's best friend five months after my great-grandma died."

    Charlie Day rubbing his head stressfully

    "They had 10 more kids, and my great-grandpa forced his 11 kids to say they were his brothers and sisters. The 10 'new' kids all found this out at my grandma's funeral. They thought she was their aunt all their lives, and she was actually their sister."


    14. "When my mom was in her twenties, my grandparents had a messy, horrible divorce. Growing up, my grandparents couldn’t even stand to be in the same room together. As I got older, more details about the divorce came out, but it wasn’t until Grandpa passed away that my mom told me what had happened. My grandpa had written a novel where he trashed my grandma so he could have the last word. He even sent a copy to his kids."

    Cringing Moira Rose
    Pop TV


    15. "My siblings and I knew that our aunt had adopted her own grandchildren. Her two daughters had gotten pregnant in their teens. Our adopted cousins didn’t know this until my younger sister let it slip when they were children. Oops."

    Uncomfortable Rashida Jones


    16. "My grandfather died when my dad was 9. Around the time I was 19, my dad told me that his dad hadn’t served in Vietnam before he died and that he had actually been serving time in prison for armed robbery."

    Screaming Jerry Seinfeld

    "Then, at 26, while at a family funeral luncheon, my uncle casually told me that my grandfather committed armed robbery to get money to pay for the son and daughter he had with another woman. My dad has two half-siblings, and even 12 years later, he still won’t talk about it."


    17. "I was looking through my baby stuff when I was around 14 and found a card that was signed by my aunt and uncle, except it wasn't my uncle's name on the card. Turns out my aunt and now-uncle had an affair before she got a divorce, which led to her and my mother not speaking for the first five years of my life."

    Tracee Ellis Ross getting ready to scold someone

    18. "My great-grandpa married and had a child, abandoned his wife and daughter, and then remarried a woman with the same name who was 20 years younger than himself. He then had another daughter who he kept accidentally calling by the first daughter's name."

    Mindy Kaling caught off guard

    "Eventually this daughter legally changed her name. Meanwhile, he never told anyone about his first wife and daughter, and the secret was discovered decades after his death."


    19. "My grandpa was in the Navy, and my mom remembers him bragging about all the prostitutes he would sleep with while overseas. He and my grandma got divorced, and I never met him. I found out when he died that, at one point, he was in jail for grand larceny."

    Screaming Jerry Trainor

    "Also, after he died, my mom warned me not to answer calls from unknown numbers because she started getting suspicious calls from random people looking for his relatives."


    20. "My mom was born four days after my grandparents were married. Her grandma and my grandpa's sister had to track her dad down and make him marry her mom. He was engaged to a woman in another town at the time. Grandpa was a bit of a cad, but they were married for over 60 years after that."

    Surprised and curious Rachel Bloom
    The CW

    21. "My uncle, who lived with my grandma all his life, told us when he was 40 that he had a secret family with a wife and two sons!"

    Maya Rudolph spitting her drink out

    22. "My grandma's 'sister' is suspected of actually being her mother. They’re only 13 years apart, and this was the 1930s, so it would've been a huge scandal."

    Upset Fred Armisen

    "My grandma was the only child of the family who was not raised Catholic (which would make sense if she was born out of wedlock). My great-aunt 'had to go away for a while' when she was 13. Highly suspicious. That would make her my great-grandma." 


    23. "My dad’s cousin is actually his sister. Thank you, AncestryDNA. Be careful out there, folks!"

    Side-eyeing Donna Meagle

    24. "My grandfather had an affair behind my grandmother’s back when my mom and her siblings were children. When my mom was in high school, she was approached by somebody who was her age and claimed to be her brother. He was named after my grandfather and looked just like him. When my mom told my grandfather later that night, his response to my mom was, 'Shut up.'"

    Crying Dwight Schrute

    25. Finally: "My grandmother set the house on fire and tried to blame it on my uncle (her stepson) because she didn't like him and wanted him out of the house."

    Screaming Nick Miller

    Does your family have any juicy secrets? Tell us in the comments!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.