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What’s The Wildest Piece Of Family Gossip That You Learned When You Got Older?

Grandma did WHAT?!

All families have secrets. While some secrets are pretty minor and forgettable, others are colossal and truly earth-shattering.

But when you're a kid, you're blissfully unaware of all the hot gossip and juicy secrets floating around in the family. Then, when you're older, the truth comes out.

Maybe when you were 16, you finally learned that your dad's brother Jack and sister Jenny stopped attending the same family functions because their spouses were caught having an affair during one of the family beach trips.

Perhaps, once you were a teenager, you were told the story of how your grandma once hooked up with Elvis Presley in a bar bathroom.

Or maybe you never knew the true story of how Great-Grandpa Bernard died, only to later find out that Great-Grandma June learned he was having an affair and poisoned his coffee.

What's the wildest family drama you learned about when you got older? Share your story in the comments below. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can send your story using this form. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!