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    18 Reasons Why "Riverdale" Is The Most Ridiculous Show In History

    Two words: THE BEAR.

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    You might be a fan of Riverdale, but let's face it —the show is ridiculous. So now that it's back for its fourth season, we decided to break down the most ludicrous moments from the series so far.

    1. Archie was so in love with his teacher that he sold his guitar to buy her a new cello bow.

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    Cellos ain't cheap and she wasn't all that. Also, the storyline of a student–teacher relationship is so gross that we should bin them forever.

    2. Speaking of which, the storyline used to focus on Archie trying to juggle his sport and musical passions...

    The CW / Netflix

    ...but he seems to have dropped both to take on a life of violent crime.

    The CW / Netflix

    Archie went from being in the Red Circle that was against criminal activity to straight-up joining Hiram's mafia organisation.

    3. And Jughead went from hating his family's gangster roots to becoming the LEADER of the Southside Serpents.

    The CW / Netflix

    Alexa, play Beenie Man "Hypocrite."

    4. Veronica took over from Josie in JOSIE and the Pussycats.

    The CW / Netflix

    Just one of the show's many injustices.

    5. Archie confessed to a murder that he had absolutely nothing to do with.

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    And we're not going to comment on the fact that he wore a bow tie to court.

    6. Cheryl's mum ran a brothel.

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    Penelope Blossom transitioning from a super-strict mum to a madam is A LOT, but TBH, this is the drama we tune in for.

    7. So many characters have completely ridiculous names.

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    Sweetpea, Jughead, Tall Boy, Jellybean, Chic — what is going on?!

    8. That epsiode where the gang had some kind of swinging party in a cabin.

    The CW / Netflix

    Literally no one asked for this.

    9. The many, many musical episodes.

    The CW / Netflix


    10. The fact that Cheryl is a pro archer.

    The CW / Netflix

    Riverdale's very own Hawkeye.

    11. Betty did a striptease in front of her boyfriend, a huge crowd, and her mum.

    The CW / Netflix

    Remember, Betty is supposed to be 16.

    12. The whole Dark Betty thing.

    The CW / Netflix

    What even is a serial killer gene????

    13. Everyone seems to be so relaxed about the constant murders that go down in Riverdale.

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    Has no one thought to maybe move yet?

    14. Also, almost everyone in the town seems scarily prepared to kill.

    The CW / Netflix

    Remember when Archie broke both of Nick St. Clair's legs? Yeah, WTF was that???

    15. Veronica has her own speakeasy.

    The CW / Netflix

    Again — she's 16! Laws are clearly just guidelines in Riverdale.

    16. Why is Hiram so involved with kids?!

    The CW / Netflix

    His age-mates are fighting actual gangsters, and he's setting traps for kids with names like Jughead.

    17. '00s sweetheart Chad Michael Murray is the leader of a cult AND secretly harvests organs.

    The CW / Netflix

    There are way too many underground businesses in Riverdale to keep up with.

    18. And finally, THE BEAR!!!

    The CW / Netflix

    One of the writers was clearly watching The Revenant the night before, because THAT was the most ridiculous storyline of them all.

    Did we miss any other ridiculous moments? Tell us in the comments!

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