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    Updated on Jun 25, 2020. Posted on Jun 22, 2020

    15 Actor Couples Who Enjoyed Each Other's Company So Much, They Worked Together

    Bring Your Spouse to Work Day is clearly a thing.

    1. In How I Met Your Mother, Robin's insufferable co-star Sandy Rivers is played by Alyson Hannigan's husband.


    Alexis Denisof and Alyson have been married since 2003, and although their HIMYM storylines didn't cross over, this isn't the first time they've worked together – they both appeared on the Buffy spin-off Angel!

    2. Gob's wife in Arrested Development was played by Will Arnett's real-life wife, Amy Poehler.


    We never find out her real name, but in one scene where Gob is talking about trying to remember it, he actually references his then-wife's name, saying: "If her name is Amy, I'll call her Blamey."

    3. And Will returned the favour a few years later by guest-starring as Leslie Knope's ~awful~ blind date in Parks and Rec.


    Will played an MRI technician who had a lot to say about Leslie's uterus.

    4. But they weren't the only off-screen couple on the show – Tammy II was played by Nick Offerman's wife of 17 years, Megan Mullalley.


    Megan said that she's glad she got to play the role of Ron's chaotic ex, because she would've been jealous if someone else did.

    5. Nick and Megan obviously have great chemistry both on and off-air, because he guest-starred on Will and Grace twice, as two different characters!


    He made his first appearance as a plumber back in 2001, two years before the pair got married, and then played a love interest to both Will and Grace in the revival show.

    6. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the puzzle master that Jake gets jealous of is Melissa Fumero's actual husband.


    Melissa and David Fumero worked together on the soap One Life to Live, before getting married in 2007.

    7. And Joe Lo Truglio's wife had a tiny cameo in the episode where his character, Charles, is planning his wedding.


    Beth Dover played the woman who worked in the stationery store where Charles got his wedding invitations. The pair have been married since 2014, and have also worked together on Burning Love and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

    8. In the episode where Pam gives birth in The Office, the lactation consultant who touches her boobs is her real-life husband.


    Lee Kirk, who's also a writer and director, married Jenna Fischer in 2010.. This isn't the only time they've worked together – in 2012, Jenna starred in The Giant Mechanical Man, which Lee wrote and directed.

    9. And Carol, the real estate agent who dated Michael, is Steve Carell's actual wife, Nancy.


    The two of them met when Steve was her improv teacher at Second City, and she also made a brief cameo in The 40-Year-Old Virgin!

    10. We all know how this partnership ended, but back when they were a happy couple, Brad was a guest star on Friends, where he played the co-founder of the "I Hate Rachel Green Club".


    Brad and Jen were married back in 2001 when he made his appearance as Will, and it went down so well that he was nominated for an Emmy in the category for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series!

    11. And Brad wasn't the only hubby to make a cameo on the show – Courteney's other half David Arquette made an appearance as Ursula's stalker.


    The cameo was in 1996, and although the two weren't married yet, they'd already worked together in the first Scream movie.

    12. Back to How I Met Your Mother, where Lily's clingy ex Scooter was played by Neil Patrick Harris's off-screen husband.


    David Burtka first appeared on the show in 2006, and a year after many a rumour flew around, the pair announced their relationship on The Ellen Degeneres Show. The rest is history.

    13. HIMYM is clearly a show that supports couples, because Cobie Smulder's husband also made a cameo as Marshall's work colleague.


    Taran Killam played Gary Blauman, who worked at Goliath National Bank, but ended up having an affair with Barney's brother, James.

    14. We all know that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher met on That '70s Show, but she also had a guest role on Two and a Half Men.


    Mila played Vivian, a traveller who had an instant attraction to Ashton's character. In the episode, Vivian says that her parents named her after a character on "that 70's show...Maude," which is obviously a call-back to their previous on-screen roles.

    15. And finally, Mrs Browns Boys – where the on-screen daughter of Mrs Brown is the off-screen wife of the actor who plays her!

    RTÉ One / BBC One

    It's way less confusing than it sounds – Cathy Brown is played by Jennifer Gibney, who is married to Brendan O'Carroll, the creator, writer, and star of the show.

    What couple cameos have you noticed? Let us know in the comments!

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