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    18 Fictional Characters That Were Inspired By Real People

    Guess who Miss Piggy is based on?

    1. Psycho's Norman Bates was based on a murderous mama's boy.

    2. Ursula from The Little Mermaid was inspired by the iconic drag performer Divine.

    3. And Ariel was modelled on the face of Alyssa Milano.

    4. Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars was inspired by Esther Earl, a YouTuber who vlogged about living with cancer.

    5. American Horror Story's Delphine LaLaurie really was a murderous socialite.

    6. And Marie Laveau was a reigning voodoo queen in 19th century New Orleans.

    7. There was a real little girl who inspired Alice in Wonderland.

    8. Olivia Pope's career was modelled on a super-successful crisis manager and lawyer.

    9. Frank from Catch Me If You Can was very closely based on a real-life con artist.

    10. Piper from Orange Is the New Black really did go to prison for money laundering.

    11. And unfortunately, Twisty the Killer Clown didn't just exist in AHS Freak Show.

    12. Hiram Bingham III was an explorer who inspired the character Indiana Jones.

    13. Pocahontas really was the daughter of a Native American chief.

    14. And Zorro was based on Joaquin Murrieta, otherwise known as Robin Hood of El Dorado.

    15. Empire's Lucious Lyon was inspired by Jay-Z.

    16. And just like in the movie, Molly Brown really did survive the sinking of the Titanic.

    17. Miss Piggy was inspired by the iconic Peggy Lee.

    18. And finally, Roxie and Velma from Chicago were modelled on two suspected killers on "Murderess Row" in the '20s.