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    The Savage X Fenty Show Is Finally Available To Stream And I'm Not Ready


    If, like me, your social feeds were flooded with glorious BTS footage during the Savage X Fenty show, I'm sure you've been dying to see it.

    Well gather round friends, because the wait is OVER! Amazon Prime have got exclusive rights to the streaming of Ri-Ri's masterpiece, and it's available to watch RIGHT. NOW.

    Halsey will be performing, Normani will be dancing, and I will be QUAKING.

    There are so many musicians performing that it's like a fashion show crossed with a music festival (and everyone's dressed in lingerie).

    I have not been able to get over some of these ~LEWKS~ and I can't wait to stream the show OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

    And this looks like a shot outta The Great Gatsby.

    And this crew is just dripping with trendiness.

    And in some truly groundbreaking news, the Savage X Fenty range range is also now available for purchase on Amazon!!

    Watch the teaser below and get lost in the magic of it all with me.

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    Amazon Prime Video / Via

    The Savage X Fenty Show is available on Amazon Prime now! Get yourself a 7 day free trial to watch!