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Help Me Hameda — Our Brand New Advice Column

Say hello to your newest internet friend.

Gather 'round everyone, because I have some very exciting news to share. We're launching an anonymous advice column, right here at BuzzFeed Australia.


Think of it as a one hitter "Dolly Doctor", only without the sealed section situation, because we really shouldn't be ashamed of our issues — especially when we all experience them in one way or another.

And who's the advice giver? None other than me — Hameda. Your quintessential spiritual friend who's constantly reminding you when mercury retrograde is.

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I'm a twenty-something Aries with a knack for problem solving and a passion for helping people who feel stuck and in need of guidance. 

I've basically been in the business of giving advice for my entire life — and I absolutely love it.


In the past, I've convinced a friend to take a solo trip overseas and follow their dreams — and even been so influential that I accidentally have turned non-coffee drinkers into cold brew guzzlers (life's always better with coffee, right?).

The first thing you need to know about the column itself is that all messages received will remain anonymous. This is a safe space, first and foremost.

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I know how scary it can be to be candid and put yourself out there, so we'll never expose your identity when you send in your problems.

I'll be seeking out advice from professionals when the situation calls for it. I'm not a medical or mental health expert, but I want to make sure you're getting the info you need.

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This is a space for easy, casual sharing, so we won't be doing any deep dives on anything too technical, but some problems may call for expert opinions — think 'gina problems.

You can ask for advice on relationships (romantic, platonic and otherwise), seek guidance in the midst of an identity crisis or even just voice your curiosity about that sex thing you've been hearing about and don't know if you want to try.

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The series is your oyster — and I'm bursting with pearls of wisdom, polished and prepped for you to take with you as you venture out and grab life by the ovaries. 

And why send in your dilemmas? Because you're not only going to get some sound advice (if I may say so myself), but you'll also be helping some other poor soul who's facing exactly what you are.


It might not be at the exact same time, but you better believe that someone else in the world has probably dealt with, or will deal with that thing you're too embarrassed to talk to your friends about.

Finally and importantly, I promise that my advice, while sometimes blunt and to the point, will always be said with absolute love in my heart.


Isn't that what the best advice is? Tough love?

If you've got a question about a problem, have a thought you can't seem to resolve, or want another opinion on a scenario in your life, you can DM me about it on Instagram (@itshameda) or Twitter (@hamedanafiz) to be featured in the column.

You can also drop in questions and submissions in the comments for consideration — if that's something you're comfortable with.

P.S All submissions are for publication on BuzzFeed only.