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Guys, I'm Crying Over The Possibility Of Australian Animals Having Australian Accents

"Australian cows be like maur."

Australian accents — you either love them or you hate them, you either have one or you don't. But here's one thing you've probably never thought about: Do Aussie animals have accents too?

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I've literally never given this any thought, but here we are.

Well, non-Australians on Twitter have been asking this very valid question — and from what I can tell, it all began with this tweet.

Australian cows be like “maur”

Twitter: @JesCRyan

This was not so much a question, but a statement.

And now everyone's wondering the same thing. Do Australian cows really go "maur"?

okay hear me out, do australian cows go maur?? 😭🙌🏻

Twitter: @adorehjsoo

australian cows 100% say maur and no one can convince me otherwise


do you guys think Australian cows say maur

Twitter: @platanoluz

From scrolling through other tweets, it looks like cows aren't the only topic of discussion. People are also curious about other animals that might harbour that sweet, sweet Aussie twang.

Do Australian dogs bark with an Australian accent?? Like can other dogs hear his bark & be like “oh he from Australia”????

Twitter: @_SYG400_

Do parakeets have an Australian accent to other birds

Twitter: @franniehincks

Do animals get accents? Like is there an australian seagull accent

Twitter: @catlover69xD

do u guys think animals have accents when they think like. do dogs from australia think in an australian accent

Twitter: @gallaspidey

wait so if australian cows say maur, do australian cats say meor? 🧍‍♀️

Twitter: @shan15_

Do you think animals in other countries have an accent when they communicate with each other like if they bring an Australian parrot to an American zoo does he get shunned for a while because he says "Cah-caw, mate" instead of "Cah-caw, y'all"

Twitter: @notkatiedavis

Even ghosts aren't safe from the intoxicating influence of an Aussie accent.

yk the tweet that said "do australian cows say maur" but do australian ghosts say baur

Twitter: @hccomme

Personally, as an Australian, I do believe that our animals (and our ghosts) definitely have accents.

Getty Images / BuzzFeed
  1. But I'd love to hear your thoughts — do you reckon Aussie animals have accents?

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But I'd love to hear your thoughts — do you reckon Aussie animals have accents?
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