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Show Us Cute Pictures Of Your Sleeping Pets!

Even your four-legged friends like to snuggle.

It is universally understood that animals are at their peak cuteness when they are tucked into your bed.

beanzhart / Via

Like, check out these two goobers tucked in, all snuggly and warm.

Or this little dude, having a bit of trouble getting out of bed.

tdotpup / Via

And look at this furball in bed, having a midnight snack.

automaticjane / Via

And don't forget about this four-legged friend, under the covers, enjoying a nice snoozer.

huckandgus / Via

Do you have an animal that likes to be tucked into bed? We want to see them! Upload a photo using the DropBox below, and your animal friend could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!