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    All 32 Nancy Drew Video Games, Ranked From Worst To Best

    A comprehensive list for those who have war flashbacks when they hear the words "It's locked."

    32. Stay Tuned For Danger

    scene from the game where a shadow is standing in the doorway of a bedroom

    31. Captive Curse

    cover for nancy drew the captive curse, which is a hand holding a necklace with a large stone

    30. Creature of Kapu Cave

    cover of the game nancy drew Creature of Kapu Cave which is a giant stone shaped into the face of a person with glowing eyes

    29. The Shattered Medallion

    cover for the game nancy drew The Shattered Medallion, which includes an image of a man with soft hair, glasses, and a button-down shirt

    28. Tomb of the Lost Queen

    27. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

    cartoon dogs with glowing eyes stand in a forest at night

    26. Labyrinth of Lies

    a man's hand reaches out toward a woman's hand, handing her a piece of fruit

    25. Danger on Deception Island

    a killer whale

    24. Trail of the Twister

    an animated tornado

    23. The Deadly Device

    a man getting electrocuted

    22. The Final Scene

    an empty theatre

    21. Secret of the Scarlet Hand

    a bloody handprint

    20. Secrets Can Kill (Remastered)

    an animated woman standing in a hallway at night

    19. Ransom of the Seven Ships

    an abandoned ship udner the ocean

    18. White Wolf of Icicle Creak

    wolf in the snow

    17. The Haunted Carousel

    a carousel at night

    16. Message in a Haunted Mansion

    haunted mansion being struck by lightning

    15. Curse of Blackmoor Manor

    woman in a robe at night

    14. The Silent Spy

    a woman with a mask over her mouth wears a peacoat

    13. Secret of the Old Clock

    a broken clock

    12. Haunting of Castle Malloy

    old ghost woman with staticky hair

    11. The Secret of Shadow Ranch

    a ghost horse on its back legs

    10. Treasure in the Royal Tower

    9. Shadow at the Water's Edge

    a ghostly woman with long hair

    8. Alibi in Ashes

    a town hall building on fire

    7. Sea of Darkness

    ship on stormy seas

    6. Legend of the Crystal Skull

    a crystal skull

    5. Danger By Design

    a face mask with lipstick on it

    4. Warnings at Waverly Academy

    a gold sign that says "waverly academy"

    3. Ghost of Thornton Hall

    womanly ghost in a dress

    2. The Phantom of Venice

    man with half a mask over his face, holding a jewel necklace

    1. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

    train in the night

    So what are your thoughts? Would you rank these games differently? Let me know in the comments below!