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    Ryan Gosling's Birthday Gift For Greta Gerwig Was Totally "Barbie" Related, And Her Response Was Everything

    ๐Ÿ’— Her reaction is so wholesome ๐Ÿ’—

    Happy birthday to Greta Gerwig!

    closeup of her during barbie press

    On Friday, the Barbie director turned 40 โ€” and to her surprise, she was suddenly greeted to a familiar tune during what looked like a pilates class.

    some of the cast posing at a press event

    In a video posted on the Barbie movie's TikTok account, a Ken starts to serenade the writer-director.

    man singing to someone in a pilates class

    Followed by more Kens.

    Together, in various shades of Barbie pink, the troupe performed "I'm Just Ken," an original soundtrack from the film sung by the film's OG Ken, played by Ryan Gosling.

    closeup of ryan during barbie press

    Then the Kens are joined by the Barbies, where they segued into "Dance The Night" by Dua Lipa, the song from the movie that the Barbies and Kens dance to at Barbie's "just-a-giant-blowout-party-with-all-the-Barbies-and-planned-choreography-and-a-bespoke-song" event.

    everyone dancing

    At the end of the video, a voice asked an emotional Greta, "Guess who planned this?"

    greta hugging people

    "I have no idea!" Greta wailed.

    greta crying

    "Think of a bag piper," the voice replied.

    "Ohh my goddd!" Greta answered.

    greta covering her face in her hands

    In case you missed it, Ryan sent a bagpiper to the Barbie cast sleepover that the Barbies were having and Kens were invited to stop by. However, Ryan was unable to attend. So, instead, he sent a little gift of performance.

    ryan and greta at the premiere

    Greta revealed to GQ, "This man, this Scottish man in a full kilt, showed up and played the bagpipes. Then he read a speech from Braveheart. And then he left."

    greta and ryan facing each other

    If you're wondering about the context behind the gift, there is none. America Ferrera asked Ryan why he sent that telegram in a cast interview with SiriusXM, Ryan just shook his head "no."

    america, greta, and ryan during barbie press

    Anyways, it seems like the Barbie cast and crew had a blast making the movie.

    the cast at a press event

    You can check out the full video here.