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18 Delightful Dogs On Planes

So much better than snakes on a plane.

1. This clever hound handing over his boarding pass.

@adamcarolla Dog on my recent flight to Vegas handing over boarding pass at gate.

2. This guy who's just a big lapdog.

3. This giant dog who got his own seat and everything.

Vet service dog on @delta flight! Didn't even know this big boy was there! #proudamerican

4. This pup having a little snooze under his blanket.

5. This guy who has the best seat in the house.

6. This smiley dog who's just so excited about flying.

7. This big puppy who wants everyone to just sit down so this plane will actually take off on time.

8. This little floof who is wondering when the in-flight entertainment is going to start.

9. This sneaky pup who is pretty sure nobody can see them.

10. And this teeny one.

11. This lovely pupper having a little nap in first class.

12. This big cloud getting a hug.

13. This big dog who's a little bit nervous of flying.

14. And this fluffy golden who's a bit scared of turbulence.

15. This fabulous hound who would like it if you could stop kicking her seat.

16. This furry friend who's excited to sit back and watch a movie.

17. This teeny tiny pup who's ready to fly.

18. And this squishy sausage who just wants to take a nap.

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