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18 Dogs Who Are Totally Nailing This Dad Thing

Step 1: nail the dad jokes.

1. This dude nailing that classic dad Hawaiian t-shirt lewk.

2. And this one who has nailed the dad look AND the dad jokes.

3. Same with this guy.

4. Dad jokes are a VERY important part of being a dad.

5. This gentleman very patiently teaching his little one about hearts.

6. This dude who has already mastered the "I see through your BS" look.

7. And this dude coming home early to make sure his kids aren't partying.

8. This guy waiting to hate your date.

9. This protector.

Jeroen Janssen

10. And this very patient gentleman who doesn't mind waiting for this kid to do his thing.

11. And this dad who is already so proud of his little tyke.

12. This very patient dog who helps with homework even though the big game is on.

13. This dog teaching his baby to walk.

14. This dog who is prepared to teach some driving skills.

15. This dude who knows nothing about parenting but he does know a thing or two about dad ~style~.

16. This pup who isn't afraid of some dress-up.

17. This youngster proving it's never too early to start mastering the art.

18. And finally this epic dad joker, embarrassing kids wherever he goes.

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