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18 Times Ruby Rose's Style Was On Point In 2015

Flawless. All. Year. Long.

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2. When she ate fries while wearing fries and everything felt right with the world.

4. When she made a simple black cap look stylish AF.

5. When she put on a big hat to pose with a tiny hedgehog, and you couldn't decide which was cuter.

6. When she had all the right accessories.

Puppy included.

8. When she made this denim vest look better than all the rest.

9. When her swimwear game was beyond strong.

11. When she described this outfit as "weird and great" and you couldn't help but agree.

13. When Ruby and fiancé Phoebe Dahl dressed in matching button ups and you found it hard to handle.

Stop it, you two.

14. When she wore a black turtleneck and you decided you would also start wearing a black turtleneck.

15. When she rocked double denim so hard nobody dared to argue.

17. When she changed her hair and all you could do was whisper: "Yaasss".

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