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    26 Celebrities Who Were The Cutest On Father's Day

    Can you get through this post without saying "cute"?

    1. David Beckham reminded us that sometimes the best gifts are handmade.

    2. And Beyoncé's photo of Jay Z and Blue Ivy proved once again that ice cream is always a great choice, no matter what day it is.

    3. Blake Lively made a joke about whether or not Ryan Reynolds should actually be celebrating.

    4. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden did something perfectly unique, as always.

    5. Kylie Jenner shared this adorable family shot.

    6. And Kendall's post was just as special.

    7. Kim Kardashian shared this intimate picture of Kanye West and their daughter, North.

    8. And Khloe was thankful for having two very special people in her life.

    9. Gisele Bündchen wished Tom Brady a happy Father's Day in English and Portuguese.

    10. While Reese Witherspoon thanked Jim Toth for being a wonderful dad with this pretty picture.

    11. Gwyneth Paltrow shared this photo of Apple and her dad, Chris Martin.

    12. And Hugh Jackman posted about his own hero, Chris.

    13. Kelly Osbourne wanted the whole world to know how much she loves Ozzy.

    14. Justin Timberlake almost broke the internet with this snap of his son, Silas.

    15. While Michelle Obama posted this adorable family holiday photo.

    16. Chrissy Teigen shared this amazing wedding photo of her with her "first love".

    17. And Miley showed the world what present Billy Ray should be expecting.

    18. Lea Michele enjoyed a special brunch with her dad.

    19. As did Sarah Hyland.

    20. Allison Williams thanked her father for being "the Atticus to her Scout".

    21. And Jessica Alba and Cash Warren spent the day with their daughters, Honor and Haven, dressed in matching blue.

    22. Mandy Moore and her dad practiced their selfie skills.

    23. While James Franco opted for an adorable flashback.

    24. Michael Buble woke up to balloons.

    25. Giuliana Rancic told her husband, Bill, that she'll be happy if their son Duke grows up to be anything like him.

    26. And Rob Lowe thanked his dad for all the love and lessons.