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    34 Useful Things To Add To Your Life In 2021, Because After 2020, You Deserve It

    Treat-yourself products that'll *actually* serve a purpose.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A concrete trinket dish because this is the year that you *always* know where to find your keys, wallet, jewelry, what-have-you.

    2. Or these geometric stacking trays you can use for bigger trinkets and even breakfasts in bed.

    geometric stacking trinkets dishes with watch, bracelet, makeup and jewelry in them

    3. A handheld electric milk frother that'll make your morning coffee (whether it be hot or iced) a little extra special.

    a mason jar with iced coffee and thick foam

    4. And, a YES PLZ coffee subscription to ensure you ALWAYS have fresh beans on hand. ☕

    bag of YES PLZ coffee beans next to a cup of coffee

    5. A sleek essential oil diffuser because experimenting with aromatherapy is high on your '21 bucket list.

    reviewer photo showing black diffuser on a table next to a succulent

    6. A set of Stabilo pens that'll have the pages of your new bullet journal looking nothing less than Pinterest-perfect.

    7. An exfoliating body bar equipped with jojoba meal and crushed olive seed to give your skin an invigorating, dead-skin-removing cleanse.

    8. Cactus dryer buddies that, aside from keeping you company while you do your laundry, will help your clothes dry faster by fluffing them up. Less electricity = money saved. 🌵💸

    reviewer photo showing two tiny cactus dryer balls resting on top of a dryer

    9. A sous vide precision cooker because, as much as you love your Instant Pot, you're ready to move on to a different level of foolproof cooking.

    reviewer photo showing sous vide attached to a pot with two steaks cooking in it

    10. Some snazzy Echo Frames so your personal assistant, Alexa, will always be readily available to make calls, set reminders, update your to-do lists, read you the news, play podcasts, and control your smart home. Wow.

    reviewer photo of Echo frames resting on a desk next to their included case

    11. A Boie face scrubber you can use to gently exfoliate and cleanse your face (ICYMI: that washcloth you use several times a week is a hotbed for nasty bacteria).

    12. A gooseneck electric kettle that can boil water in as little as three minutes, which means you'll no longer have to stand over your stove, half asleep, anxiously waiting until your old-school tea pot starts whistling.

    reviewer photo of gooseneck kettle on their kitchen countertop

    13. A reusable tote perfect for grocery getting, weekend travels, bringing your lunch to work — I'm sure you've got a good use for it.

    14. And a set of wooden coat hooks that'll finally give you a place to hang all those reusable totes you've been collecting over the years (that door handle in your kitchen just isn't gonna cut it anymore).

    15. A set of glass meal-prep containers guaranteed to have you serving up some delish, Insta-worthy creations week after week.

    reviewer photo showing five prepped meals in the glass containers

    16. A vertical shoe rack so you can finally get your entryway under control and stop tripping over stray sandals the second you walk in the door.

    reviewer photo showing shoe rack in their entryway

    17. A set of marbled-glass coasters that are incredibly beautiful AND functional. That expensive coffee table you bought on Cyber Monday will thank you later.

    four handmade marbled coasters styled with drinking glasses and an orange

    18. A water carafe to keep at your bedside that'll be a lifesaver when you wake up completely parched. Instead of being frustrated, you'll just sit up gently and enjoy a refreshing glass of H20 from the comfort of your bed. Ahhhhh.

    water carafe on bedside table with two candles

    19. A set of waffle towels made with a textured, honeycomb weave to transform your bathroom into a fancy at-home spa.

    waffle towels draped over the side of a bathtub

    20. A Glossier moon mask that'll be a welcomed addition to your new nighttime bath routine.

    21. A handy charging pad so you can stop wasting minutes on end trying to find that *exact* angle for your charging cord to work.

    22. An A7 memobottle that's essentially a flask for H20. It's about the size of your palm, which makes it easy to take along on walks or quick car rides.

    23. A reusable bamboo cutlery set that'll give ya all the utensils you could ever need (fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, straw, cleaning brush, toothbrush, AND carrying pouch) to eat mindfully on the go and avoid unnecessary plastic consumption.

    bamboo cutlery set laid out on a wooden plate

    24. An alarm clock designed to gently wake you in the morning with a calming light that mimics the sunrise. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, is so last year. 🌅⏰

    reviewer photo showing sunrise alarm clock "lit up"

    25. A mini Theragun massager that'll give you some sweet relief when cramps, knots, or tension come knocking. Better yet, it's super quiet and will easily fit in your purse or backpack.

    reviewer holding Theragun mini in black

    26. A jade roller and gua sha set designed to help your face absorb skincare products. It's effectively like giving yourself a little at-home facial treatment!

    A reviewer holding the green double-sided roller and gua sha

    27. A Castile liquid hand soap that *lasts longer* and leaves your hands *softer* than a detergent-based soap ever could.

    hand soap next to a kitchen sink

    28. A stress relief candle made with 100% soy wax and infused with lavender oil, chamomile, and bay leaf. Who's up for a little R&R?

    29. A David Rose-inspired tumbler that's not only a handy vessel for all your bevvies (whatever those might be), but is sure to get some good laughs from friends and family as they nervously ponder whether or not they should be talking to you at the moment.

    30. A skin softening cream specifically formulated to protect, soften, and moisturize dry skin. It's made with entirely plant-based ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, cranberry seed oil, and argan oil, and might just be the solution to your dry skin you've been looking for.

    model holding a jar of Demoseà skin-softening cream

    31. A mug warmer so you can stop using the microwave to reheat your cooled beverages, which probably just results in you burning yourself on the mug while your coffee or tea has barely risen a degree.

    reviewer photo showing a mug of tea on the mug warmer

    32. An adorable micro tote that's *just* big enough to fit all the essentials and is sure to become your new fav accessory.

    33. A self-watering pot and reservoir because no plants are dying on YOUR watch this year! 🌱

    reviewer photo showing a sprouting plant in a self-watering reservoir pot

    34. And a Wild One dog harness that'll prevent your pup from haphazardly pulling you down the sidewalk, as well as give them a much-needed fashion upgrade for the new year.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.