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    24 Incredibly Comfy Pieces Of Furniture You Can Get At Wayfair

    No matter what room you're shopping for, you should never have to sacrifice comfort.

    1. A simple loveseat you can pair with soft throw pillows, a cute coffee table and a bold accent chair to create a cozy conversation corner in your home or apartment.

    Loveseat in black in black upholstery with wooden legs and a slightly tapered arms

    2. A sectional made in a water and stain-resistant fabric because furniture should always be stylish AND practical.

    Sectional in venga mole light gray with tufted cushions and wooden mid-century style legs

    3. An accent chair with tufted cushions that's just as comfy any way you sit on it: properly, cross-legged, or sideways with your feet hanging over the arm.

    Armchair in upholstered fabric in blue with mid-century wooden legs

    4. An outdoor reclining lounge chair because sunbathing is meant to be relaxing, and those white plastic chairs just aren't comfortable on anyone's bum.

    Outdoor adjustable reclining chaise lounge in gray

    5. A chair hammock you can hang inside or outside — aka, your new reading spot.

    Plummer chair hammock in mocha

    6. A futon that's equally as comfortable whether you're using it as a sofa or a spare bed. It's perfect if you don't have a lot of space and need somewhere for your guests to catch some Zzzzzzs.

    Twin tufted back convertible futon in gray microfiber

    7. A pair of dining chairs so comfortable, you'll have to keep your elbows on the table so you can hold your head up and not fall asleep while sitting on them.

    Tufted upholstered dining chairs in beige

    8. A barrel chair practically designed for cuddling and watching movies. Or, if elbow room is more your thing, this chair creates a nice barrier between you and the other people in the room.

    Round barrel chair in grey upholstery

    9. A high-back velvet loveseat so glamorous, your guests might accuse you of stealing it from a swanky hotel lobby.

    Loveseat with recessed arms in tufted navy blue velvet

    10. A swivel papasan chair that is basically the closest you can get to sitting on a cloud.

    Swivel papasan chair in black

    11. A chaise lounge chair for an easy way to add some curvaceous lines and traditional elegance to your space.

    Yarmouth chaise lounge in beige

    12. A bean-bag sofa with a soft, microfiber cover that is 100% washable so you don't have to worry about buttery-popcorn hands ruining it.

    Large bean bag sofa in charcoal microfiber

    13. An outdoor rocking chair designed with clean lines that'll add a touch of modern simplicity and comfort to your backyard or covered porch.

    Outdoor rocking chair with cushions in beige fabric

    14. An outdoor patio sectional that looks great under a canopy or next to a fire pit. Great for naps on those breezy summer afternoons, too.

    Patio sofa sectional with cushions in single ash color

    15. A zero gravity chair with an oversized, padded cushion one might say is out of this world.

    Oversized padded reclining zero gravity chair with added cushioning in aqua and wooden arm rests

    16. A classic recliner that's sure to go from "a chair" to ~your chair~ in no time. Add a blanket, a cold beverage, and a big TV and this chair might just become your bed, too.

    2-position recliner in chocolate upholstery

    17. A plush memory foam mattress – it's ventilated to increase airflow and keep you cool all through the night.

    Wayfair sleep 10" plush memory foam mattress

    18. A trundle day bed that'll look great in your spare bedroom while also maximizing space for your guests.

    Wrought iron style daybed with trundle

    19. A Scandinavian-inspired floating chair you can gently rock in while you kick your feet up on an ottoman and sip your morning coffee.

    Rocking chair in mocha walnut

    20. An adorable loveseat that looks like it was plucked straight out of the dollhouse you played with as a kid.

    Flared arm loveseat in gray fabric with mid-century wooden legs

    21. A pillow top sofa with two reclining ends and a drop-down center console with cupholders to make coasters a thing of the past.

    Reclining pillow top arm sofa with collapsible center console with built-in cupholders

    22. A rolling desk chair with a stylish mid-century seat that'll make a perfect addition to the makeshift home office you've been using over the past few months.

    Rolling desk chair in brown upholstery

    23. A drafting chair so you can bring out your inner architect while working hard at your desk (or just swivel around as fast as you can).

    Lila drafting chair in yellow with full 360-degree swivel function and foot rest

    24. And an outdoor hammock that comes with a cotton pad so you can enjoy all the weightless comfort of a hammock without any of the rope burn that usually accompanies it.

    Rope hammock with stand and cotton pad in red, white, and blue stripes

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