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    15 Exclusive Games That Will Make You Say "Damn, I Need An Xbox One X."

    You're going to be busy this fall.

    At the 2017 E3 conference this week, Microsoft announced the release of their powerful new console, the XBox One X, along with 42 new games for the system.

    The new system is an update on the previous XBox One, but it's been made smaller and better. It will support 4K resolutions, and Microsoft claims it will be 40% more powerful that its current competitors. The XBox One X goes on sale November 7th.

    Microsoft also revealed some good news for their most loyal fans: current Xbox One games and accessories will be backwards compatible with the new console.

    But that wasn't the most exciting part. Along with the updated console, Microsoft also announced a ton of new exclusive games for the XBox One X and Windows 10. Here are the 15 games we're most excited about:

    1. State of Decay 2

    This game is for you if... you've always fantasized about how you would survive a zombie apocalypse. But the zombies aren't even the only threat, since the world of State of Decay is also filled with cut-throat survivors. It's like being in an episode of The Walking Dead.

    2. Crackdown 3

    This game is for you if... you like action, crime fighting, futurism, and big, open worlds. (You can destroy pretty much everything in your path.) Plus, the actor Terry Crews (you know, the guy from the Old Spice commercials?) gives life to one of the story's protagonists.

    3. The Last Night

    This game is for you if... you're into originality and the cyberpunk aesthetic. It's a 2D game, but still promises to be a big, adventure-packed cinematic platformer set in a robust alternative future.

    4. The Darwin Project

    This game is for you if... you're into survival games, and pushing your character to their absolute limit. Not only do you need to survive the environment, you need to hold your own against other players.

    5. Forza Motorsport 7

    This game is for you if... car races get your heart pumping. Forza is one of the most well-known franchises in the genre, and this time, it's more realistic than ever.

    6. Black Desert

    This game is for you if... you love fully immersing yourself in a huge, open fantasy world. It's also an amazing looking MMO, so you're bound to get lost in it once you pick it up.

    This game is for you if... you love music (especially folk), fantasy, and psychedelic visuals.

    8. Ashen

    This game is for you if... you're just a little bit emo, and you like dark and adventurous role-playing games.

    9. Cuphead

    This game is for you if... you like challenging side-scrollers, nostalgia, classic animation, and above all, the aesthetics of the 1930s.

    10. Deep Rock Galactic

    This game is for you if... you like shooting, shooting, and shooting. Deep Rock Galactic is a squad-based first-person shooter for one to four players. The environments are all procedurally generated, so it'll feel like a new experience every time you and your friends start a new game.

    11. Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

    This game is for you if... you're looking for a profound, emotional story, an immersive soundtrack, and beautiful, hand-painted visuals.

    12. Sea of Thieves

    This game is for you if... pirates are your passion. The whole thing is set in an open world filled with other players, who can either help you out as your crew, or take up arms against you.

    13. Super Lucky’s Tale

    This game is for you if... you're looking for a game that will be fun for all ages. The protagonist and bright, colorful visuals will probably take you back to some of the games you grew up with.

    14. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

    Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

    This game is for you if... you have a competitive soul and you love coming up with new tactics for taking down your enemies. It's an open-world, online, multiplayer shooter where only one person (or squad) can survive at the end of each match.

    15. Tacoma

    This game is for you if... you love science fiction, but you're not afraid of the crushing loneliness of being isolated in space all alone as you investigate the whereabouts of your missing crew members.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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