16 Men Who Dominated Makeup In 2016

    This year, makeup was for everybody.

    1. @Jamescharles

    James Charles is 17 and this year he was named the first male CoverGirl ambassador. His internet fame started the day of his senior-year photo, when he decided to take the picture wearing makeup and using his own professional lighting.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    2. @Thomashalbert

    Thomas's style is truly unique: He experiments with makeup more than most do, and it always ends up being a complete success. From the elegant and delicate to the crazy and galactic, this boy can do it all.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    3. @Patrickstarrr

    Patrick Starr is among the most recognized makeup YouTubers. The successful Filipino-American makeup artist has more than 2 million Instagram followers and almost the same number of subscribers to his channel.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    4. @Patrickmua1011

    Patricio Quintana has been dubbed the star of Mexican makeup. Since the age of 13 — when he began watching his mother putting on her makeup — he has learned everything he knows today and perfected his skills with practice and study in the field.

    He doesn't have a YouTube channel yet, but his Instagram account is unmissable.

    5. @Mac_daddyy

    Angel Merino is a professional makeup artist for celebrities, which means you may see him fixing up the stars or as a guest at some of the biggest events in Hollywood.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    6. @Mannymua733

    Manny is one of the most recognized makeup magicians on Instagram, and with good reason. This handsome guy has nearly 3 million Instagram followers, and that's not even counting his YouTube channel, which is growing in popularity every day. He is also a good friend of Jeffree Star, another talented makeup artist who's on this list.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    7. @Jonysios

    This guy is about to launch his YouTube channel, but even without one, he's already gained half a million followers on Instagram, which says only one thing: Fame is just around the corner for this makeup maven.

    Upcoming YouTube channel here.

    8. @Zacharyedward

    Zachary Edward, who splits his time between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, is a guy with serious style. Aside from being inspired by his wardrobe, you'll also learn a whole heap of makeup tricks through his videos that you'll want to try out yourself.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    9. @Makeupbyjaack

    This is Jack Emory, a self-taught makeup artist who will blow you away with his makeup skills. You too can learn from home just by using his videos and Instagram photos.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    10. @Arieh.jacob

    Arieh is a young guy with prominent lips who shows us how to put on makeup like the celebs. If you're looking to turn heads with your look, you know who to follow.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    11. @Miguelghalichi

    Miguel is a makeup artist from Florida who has mastered perfectly executed looks. But before you start following him, you should know that there isn't a lipstick on the face of the earth that doesn't look fantastic on him.

    He doesn't have a YouTube channel, but his Instagram is astounding.

    12. @Thegabrielzamora

    Gabriel Zamora is an incredibly talented Latino YouTuber based in Los Angeles with a beautiful head of blue hair. Although his videos are principally in English, he has done a few where he practices his Spanish (and he doesn't do a bad job at all).

    His YouTube channel is here.

    13. @Cybersleep

    Ryan Potter is an elegant, super-stylish guy with an inspiring enthusiasm for makeup. He's also amazingly photogenic, so you can learn other tricks (like how to pose for the perfect selfie) from him as well.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    14. @Lamalexxkyler

    As soon as he picks up the highlighter, this guy will seduce you with his skill and good looks. His flawless eyebrows alone will have you falling head over heels in love.

    He's new on YouTube, but you can find his Instagram here.

    15. @Alannized

    If you want to learn how to apply makeup like the pros but also want to follow someone who's filled with tons of energy and passion, this is the guy for you. He's talented and has very good taste and a great sense of humor.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    16. @Jeffreestar

    Jeffree Star has been a huge name in makeup — and not just in 2016, but over the course of the past 10 years. We've watched him pose, apply makeup, and even sing ever since his MySpace days. He's an inspiring example to follow for women and men around the world.

    His YouTube channel is here.

    This post was translated from Spanish.