Alissa Ashley And Angel Merino's Fitness Journeys Will Give You That Motivation You're Looking For

    Fitness inspiration x1,000!

    If you're looking for that fitness motivation to get you out of bed each morning, look no further — I have two influencers for you!

    Angel Merino (Mac Daddyy) and Alissa Ashley are two uplifting influencers in the beauty realm doing their own thing.

    In case you aren't familiar, Alissa Ashley is a makeup influencer turned photographer turned gym shredder (lol), and I live for it.

    Over the years, Alissa has taught her beauty tricks to viewers by offering in-depth and close-up videos of applying makeup.

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    Alissa Ashley /

    And she's also a great photographer who even started a separate Instagram account dedicated to her photo work!

    Angel Merino — also known as Mac Daddyy — is an entrepreneur, pro makeup artist, and founder of Artist Couture, a cosmetics line.

    He has provided us with the ultimate ways of using mostly nude/colorful shadows, lip glosses + more (all from his own collection).

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    I've been eyeing both of their videos and Instagram accounts for quite some time and noticed the two started to dive into their health/fitness journey at similar times starting this year.

    While I cannot confirm whether they communicate with each other or not, one thing for sure is that Alissa Ashley and Angel have both provided the perfect dosage of major inspiration by throwing it down at the gym within the past year.

    And I found it to be perfect timing, since many of us have been changing up our fitness routine during these COVID-19 times.

    Alissa has shared her routine, how she gets ready to go to the gym, and what she usually works on while there.

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    While Angel shares his workout routines that he does even while on vacation — proving you can work out anywhere.

    If you're curious about how to incorporate a fitness routine into your everyday lifestyle, check out Angel's Instagram stories!

    three screenshots, on the left is a salad in the middle is mac daddy talking about his smoothie and on the right is him working out at the gym

    And for how fitness/health can contribute to feeling well internally, check out Alissa's video below:

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    In the video, Alissa emphasizes how she feels about diet culture. She explained what has helped her: curating her diet and doing what is best for her in order to be sustainable long term, including making sure her protein intake is high.

    Alissa went on to say that "I want to do this because it's going to make me feel better internally, and it all kind of plays out."

    alissa ashley discussing her fitness journey

    And on Angel's side, he is always providing scenic views of his at-home workout bike.

    While Angel and Alissa are both amazing in the beauty industry, I couldn't be happier that they are both taking charge of doing what's best for them.

    All while providing their viewers a healthy amount of motivation to keep up the work!

    During a year that has been difficult for many of us, watching them both stick to their goals has been extremely inspiring.

    And it's a reminder that it's all about how you feel mentally at the end of the day.

    So with that said, go on and keep up that work too!