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Okay People, How Do We Feel About The Bike Shorts Trend?

Are these the new leggings??

Okay folks, so first of all, these are the normal bike shorts we all know and love:

Primeimages / Getty Images

ICYWW: Also known as biker shorts or cycling shorts, these are basically just high-waisted shorts that end above the knees and are comfortable enough for pedaling on your bike.

And these are fashion bike shorts, which are apparently the hugest thing in fashion rn:

Allllllll the influencers have been ~sporting~ them lately...

And you can even get a pair at your local Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Forever 21.

Via, Via

So you know the trend is v. real.

They've also popped up on the runway — notably in Dolce & Gabbana's spring/summer 2018 fashion show.

Andreas Solaro / AFP / Getty Images

And Rihanna had a pair in her collaboration with Puma:

Brian Ach

So RiRi approves.

But of course, the trend stems mostly from one major influencer — AKA the influencer, Kim K.

We've seen Kim Kardashian West pairing them with crop tops and hoodies all season long...

And honestly, she looks GREAT, because of course.

And for more proof that it's definitely a ~thing~, just know that Kylie been wearing them, too:

But for us mere mortals, how doable are bike shorts actually? Like, can the rest of us REALLY pull off that business casual bike lewk??

Maybe?? Maybe not??

For those of us not running reality TV/app/fashion/makeup empires, we might be better off sticking to a casual vibe for these babies:

Because, in theory, bike shorts swapped in for regular shorts do work:

And they don't look totally out of line with this fanny pack, right?

But also, how do we feel about them in bright colors?

@aasthauppal / Via

Endlessly cheerful.

Or as part of an all-black outfit?

@lynnlyss / Via

Are there official rules for matching this thing??

We have so many questions!

@fromthreadstoglam / Via

BRB, paging all Insta fashionistas: please help.

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Bike shorts: Would you wear them?
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