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Are You Actually A Shitty Person?

Let's find out based on these scenarios.

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  1. You're filling your cup with ice, and you drop a cube on the floor. What do you do?

    Kick it under the fridge!
    Pick it up and throw it away.
    Ask someone else to clean it up.
    Pretend like it never happened.
  2. You're walking on the beach and come across some trash. Do you pick it up?

    Of course.
    Only if someone's looking.
    Hell no! That's not my trash!
  3. You're using the bathroom at a friend's house and accidentally clog their toilet. What do you do?

    Leave the bathroom like nothing happened.
    Tell your friend what happened.
  4. You're on the subway and notice an elderly person standing. Do you give up your seat?

    Of course, it's the right thing to do!
    Maybe. It depends how I feel.
    No, I was there first.
  5. You're walking in the airport, and the person in front of you drops something without noticing. What do you do?

    Pick up the item and give it to them.
    Watch and hope someone else picks it up for them.
    Keep walking. I have a flight to catch!
  6. You use the last of the toilet paper. Do you replace it?

    No, I leave that for whoever uses the bathroom next.
    Of course I replace it!
  7. Have you ever taken off your shoes on a flight?

    I always do. It's the best!
    I've done it a few times.
    EW, never!
  8. Your dog poops in someone's yard. Do you clean it up?

    Only if someone sees.
    Ew, I'm not touching that shit!
  9. You see someone drop their bag, and all of their papers go flying. Do you help them collect their stuff?

    Yes, I would help.
    Hm, probably not. Depends if other people are around.
    No, I have stuff to do!

Are You Actually A Shitty Person?

You got: You're a shitty person

We hate to break it to you!

You're a shitty person Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
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You got: You're not a shitty person

You're not at all a shitty person. Woohoo!

You're not a shitty person
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You got: You're kind of a shitty person

You have done some shitty things, but that doesn't make you a completely shitty person.

You're kind of a shitty person
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