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19 New Year's Resolutions That Will Make You Laugh And Panic All At The Same Time

I already broke my resolution, TBH.

Ahh, 2018 is quickly approaching.

So of course, people are already sharing their New Year's resolutions.

Be ready, people. http://t.co/NCDPK134Xm #NewYearsResolution

OK, maybe not her:

It's the day after Christmas. Please fuck off with your New Years resolutions already.

But the rest of Twitter has been quick to start sharing how they will better themselves next year.

Here are 19 resolutions bound to make you chuckle and get your ass in gear!

1. Already thinking ahead!

my new years resolution for 2018 is to work on my resolutions for 2019.

2. Gay FTW.

New Years resolutions: Be more gay. Come out to my parents. Learn to draw better. Get gayer. Enjoy life. Excel the… https://t.co/FzvIH6DmNE

3. Seriously, it's simple.

Forgot to make resolutions? Just write out everything you did last night and at the beginning add the word "stop."

4. Yeah, is that OK with you?

My New Years resolution is to be more assertive if that's okay with you guys?

5. Jessica is fed up with the shitty drivers!

Now that Christmas is over, it's time to start thinking about New Years resolutions. I've got one for a lot of you:… https://t.co/sMQgbTbNqr

6. Sorry guys.

My New Years resolutions include not swiping right on men just because they have cute dogs

7. That's the spirit!

2018 New Years Resolution: try again on 2017 resolutions

8. Shelly's real AF.

My New Year’s resolution is to stop kidding myself that I’ll make a lifestyle change this year. No one likes a sk… https://t.co/eoVJHHXuCr

9. Damnit.

My "don't make love to Victoria's Secret models" resolution is going great so far

10. This is so hard.

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS: 1998: Get signed to a record label and become a star!!! 2008: Get on a UCB team and become… https://t.co/wr0quElHBW

11. #KanyeConfidence

My New Years resolution is to love myself like Kanye loves himself and believe in myself like Kanye believes in himself.

12. "Sorry Sharon, I don't roll that way"

New Years Resolution. This year I'm going to incorporate " I don't roll that way" into at least one conversation a week.

13. RIP

Already broke my New Year's resolution not to burn off my testicles, penis and anus

14. Few more days!

I’ve been told I come across as grumpy on twitter. My New Years resolution is to try and be nicer. But guess what m… https://t.co/kIDwvmvFuK

15. This is relatable AF, obviously.

'I will not giggle while shitting into my own hand' - New Year's resolutions I've broken already.

16. Seriously, who narrates these commercials?!

new year's resolutions: spend 30sec looking up who narrates the home depot commercials & reject adulthood at all costs

17. Too much effort.

I have like 9 New Year’s resolutions and I’ve already mentally given up on about 6 of them.

18. This guy took "resolution" a bit too literally

New Year's Resolutions: 1024×576, 1152×648, 1280×720, 1366×768, 1600×900, 1920×1080, 2560×1440, 3840×2160.

19. Watch out:

New Years resolution is to stop fucking around with scrubs. In 2018 I’m fucking your dads and becoming all of yalls step mom.

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