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    27 Random Home Decor Items That Are Practical And Pretty

    A glass-shaped wine rack, tiered corner shelves, and more useful decor that'll make your home look amazing.

    1. Photo clip string lights to illuminate your bedroom and show all your fave pictures and postcards. You can trade your bulky frames for this beautiful above-the-bed display.

    2. A planter with an abstract-print pattern, so you can add a touch of greenery to your indoor space without having to worry about taking care of the plants.

    A drip hanging planter with a white, pink, and navy blue shape pattern

    3. A tiered bookshelf that'll fit perfectly in a corner and be your personal library whenever you want to get cozy and read a book at home. It has four shelves that'll hold novels and knickknacks in a convenient spot.

    4. An accent mirror, because it's been a minute you've had a gorgeous piece of decor that'll help you put together an #OOTD *and* apply makeup.

    A silver sunburst mirror with a gold foil finish above a black floating shelf

    5. A tin candle for times when you want to soak in your bathtub or lounge in your pajamas: It has a calming scent and a nature-inspired print, so you can give your dwelling an "I'm chillin'" vibe.

    Colorful printed tin candles on a wooden table

    6. A foldable storage ottoman that's a foot rest, storage hub, and beverage tray in-one. It's minimal shade will go with basically every type of furniture and it won't take up too much space in the living room.

    7. Nesting baskets for the little things lying around your home: These small beauties, which can each stash plants, notebooks, and more, will look great on the floor or dining room table.

    Three brown woven baskets filled with plants and notebooks on a white and black rug.

    8. A mason jar accessories set, so you can finally keep all your tweezers, cotton swabs, and toothbrushes in cute containers and have an organized bathroom. Yes to a vanity upgrade! 👏

    9. An accent pillow you'll want to place on your couch, loveseat, or armchair that needs a glow-up. It has a cool design and will add a pop of color to your go-to seating areas.

    An accent pillow with a colorful-printed face on a dark blue arm chair

    10. An indoor relaxation fountain, because you'll drift off to dreamland thanks to the tranquil sound of falling water. It'll help you unwind after a long WFH session or an indoor workout.

    11. A stunning art print to frame and display above your fireplace, bed, or desk. It'll make your empty wall space ~bloom~ and remind you of summer days.

    A colorful print with a Black woman holding a yellow sunflower on top of a table

    12. A table and stool set, so you can sit down and sip drinks while relaxing on your balcony or patio. It doesn't take up too much room and will give your outdoor space an IG-worthy update.

    A turquoise table and stool set with drinks and fruit on a white patio

    13. A gold decoration you'll be ~over the moon~ for and want to hang above your headboard or doorway for a lunar-inspired look.

    14. A colorful throw blanket that'll help you create the perfect ~nest~ for snuggling and relaxing. Drape this cozy owl blanket over your sofa or bed and it'll be there whenever you need some self-care time.

    A brown throw blanket printed with owls on a wired chair

    15. A tiered wall mount shelf so perfect for that boring corner in your living room. With five shelves and a sleek design, you'll finally have a place for small vases, novels, and trophies.

    16. A catch-all dish that'll ~give you a hand~ when it comes to safely storing rings, keys, and other tiny trinkets. You won't have to waste time digging through your purse or jewelry box to find what you're looking for again.

    A pink hand-shaped catch-all tray holding an engagement ring

    17. A gold plant holder, so you can admire your plant baby while you look out the window or read a book on the couch.

    18. A floral window panel, because it's been a minute since you've had a little shade from the sun and made your bedroom seating area more colorful.

    A pink and green floral knotted window panel hanging in front of an apartment window

    19. A zig-zag patterned rug, so you can make your den or living room a cozy and chill oasis all year round. Plus, you can hide those scuffs and scratches on your hardwood floor (win).

    A black-and-white zig-zag patterned rug on a hardwood floor next to a chair

    20. An African print drum lampshade that'll help illuminate any room and get you so many compliments when you're giving a virtual tour of your home.

    An African wax print drum lampshade in a blue and yellow geometric pattern

    21. A sleek end table, so you don't have to buy a bulky coffee table if you live in an apartment or studio. It'll look so good with your favorite vases and pieces of artwork.

    A silver end table with glass vases on top

    22. A set of ceramic vases for your fave flowers: Arrange these babies on your patio table, bookshelf, or another nook that needs a cheery update.

    23. Macrame wall art, because the empty corner near your bookshelf or windowsill could use a little love. Did we also mention that they'll add a little retro flair to your living space?

    Reviewer's macrame wall art next to a ladder bookshelf with plants

    24. A colorful pintuck pillow, so you can sit comfortably in bed while you watch movies or read a magazine.

    Pink pintuck pillow on white sheets and a yellow quilt

    25. Green fringe coasters that'll be a chic resting spot for a glass of wine, a can of beer, or a cup of coffee.

    Two green fringe coasters next to a bottle of wine

    26. A lunar tapestry that'll take you straight to space and be an eye-catching addition to any room indoors. It'll go with your furniture as well, since it has a vibrant pattern and can be hung horizontally or vertically.

    A black tapestry with multicolored florals and a pink phases of the moon graphic

    27. A glass-shaped wine rack, so you can stash and stack your vino for virtual happy hours. This cute structure can fit more than 11 bottles, so you'll be covered the next time you want Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.

    You, after treating yourself to new decor and rearranging everything in your home:

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